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  1. This issue has been probably pinpointed to an another vendor's product. You can mark this resolved, i'll chime in if new evidence arises.
  2. Unable to paste it here as an attachment, so here: https://pastebin.com/yf5uuCMG pass: GS1
  3. Libs were originally put into sim folder. Anyhow did migaration for both normal and TE libs without success.
  4. No, and I've created a dummy file without success previously.
  5. Nope. Something was downloaded though. Also did the synchonization again.
  6. OC notified about success, sim did it's thing at start-up, still getting the error. Great response time by the way.
  7. Hello. This pop-up message has appeared on a fresh install of latest P3D4. https://postimg.cc/gallery/fJ31Vn6 Any clues to what could have gone wrong? Background: Had P3D previously installed on same Windows installation, but onto a different hard drive. Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5f60bfd815061
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