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  1. Good luck on your journey to aviation excellence. I did 6 written exams and 6 practical exams in 8 months 25 years ago. That brought me up to CFII and MEI. Was only possible on full time and in the climate of Phoenix Arizona.
  2. Marshall For now I am happy with my Saitek Cessna yoke and pedals. The Go flight 737 yoke and TQ are on the shopping list and I guess will do well on the Dash also. Maybe a couple of new Saitek TQ's can improve it for the moment.
  3. Thanks for all your great videos on the MJC8 PRO Marshall. I share your passion for this airplane and have enjoyed watching most of your videos and have especially paid attention to how to operate and setting up the HUD. There is a lot to learn for people new to the Dash. As you mention many times power control is so important but is very hard with a crappy Saitek TQ(or 2 in my case) that suddenly increase or decrease power without touching.
  4. Regarding GSX and the MJC8 you need to press Ctrl+shift+F1 to get GSX to work. For some reason GSX thinks the engines are running even if they are not.
  5. Sorry Ken. Not referring to Jordan's install of NCA just saying that I will only use V3 installers not to mess up the updating process. I am pretty sure manual installs if done correctly will not hurt VAS usage. The ability to turn off scenery in the library is still there if needed.
  6. The reasons exactly why I will wait to install V3. When Orbx and REX have updated their installers I will give it a go. If you port scenery over the "old" way I believe you wont't see the full VAS improvement.
  7. The Flying Club may or may not exist anymore. In 2013 it moved to Digitalthemepark. http://www.digitalthemepark.com/teamspeak/downloads/TeamSpeak%20Setup.pdf They have dedicated online servers and a big community on Teamspeak.
  8. Disabling EU_LC in the scenery library make the trees come back in the UK? But that is not an option.
  9. I share the same problem after installing EU_LC 1.1 and latest libraries. Same in Global, FTX_EU and hybrid mode.
  10. Has this been resolved? After installing EU_LC 1.1 and latest Libraries I don' t have any autogen trees in the UK, rest of Europe is ok. Tried to enable FTX_England but still no trees. Also tried Hybrid mode and Global without Orbx trees, still no luck.
  11. This looks really fantastic John. Those 2 Flybee planes looks a little out of place in Arizona..........
  12. Looking forward to some previews Jack. Hope that ESGG and ESMS is included since I fly in this area a lot.
  13. I applied these settings to my config. Only change is FFTF=0.15. In NI I use 4XSGSS and all other as app controlled. The result is much better than default CFG. Textures look very sharp without any shimmering and stutters. Very pleased so far.
  14. Hello Joaquin. Most of the products you have listed have P3D v2 installers, just redownload from FSS and you have the latest installer. Some AU and NZ airports still needs triple installers, check the release announcements here. Also Rex Essential can be installed to P3D but you need to buy a license for $ 3.99. I am in the process right now of installing my Orbx products into P3D v 2.4 and I am very happy with the new sim. The new lighting and shadow effects are amazing.
  15. This happens when you load up at a gate. Try load the plane on the rwy - 11 or 29 - and then move to the gate. It has something to do with the sloped taxiways and elevated runway.
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