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  1. Hello Paul, Just a small update with my bluries issue. After more than 3 weeks searching the causes of my blurries, I finally fixed it but still don't know what was exactly the problem. So here is what I did: I have backupped / deleted the 3 folders that contains data/configuration files for p3d: \ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 \Users\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 \Users\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 Then I relaunched p3d. At this point no addon sceneries (this is normal as I had deleted all cfg files) even those from orbx. No tweak in prepar3d.cfg. I did a flight, all ok (only basepack is here), FPS very high. Then, I have started FTX Central and used the tool that allows to move/define ORBX scenes in the right order/priority and then save. This have re-created the scenery.cfg file. I have then relaunched p3d and made several tests with more and more ORBX scenes activated up to the point all scenes activated no blurries. Continue test with Max graphical setting, FPS goes down but still no blurries. Then have added on top of ORBX scene, all the other scenes I have. Still no blurries! Finally I start to tweak prepare3d.cfg with: FFTF=0.15, still ok FPS increased, AF=84, I got back blurries . Then AF=253 and no more blurries and I can still run ASN and A320 Jeehell (thanks to the remaining virtual thread). So in conclusion I would say there was probably some corruption in the data/configuration files (not only SceneryIndexes or Shaders folders thqat I hade deleted several time before) and looks like BasePack requires less processor power (AF 84 is enough) than LC or regional ORBX products that requires either no AF (or AF=253) on my PC. So all my problems are solved, I could now tune my setting a bit more and enjoy to fly Thanks for your support, Olivier
  2. Hi Paul , 1) What fix from Steve60 are you referring to ? 2) Which Orbx libraries version works for you ? I remember I did update it last December, wondering whether it could be linked to my issue. Unfortunately I did not flew with ORBX addon since I install them last October. I was mainly focussed at that time to finalize my A320 home cockpit. So I can't tell whether if was working before that update or not. Olivier
  3. To me nothing to do with airplane or scenery setting as I get the issue whatever the airplane and no I do not see much improvement if I move graphical setting to low profile. I agree with you that I should get very good performance but that is not the case and only with FTX product activated. As said before I do not have issue with photoreal scenes such as those provided by France VFR, nor with Airport scene such as JustSim Innsbruck Airport with High graphical profile settings. I'm configure in P3D with ViewGroups with 3 views (3 Video Projectors Optoma GT750 1280x800). It looks like resulting FPS for 1 view is 1/3 of the FPS capability. So running 20 FPS on 3 views is similar to 60 on single display. I have tested on single display ( ViewGroups=none) with illimited FPS setting and FFTF=0.7. It does not fix the issue. The FPS varies a lot between 70 and 20 (in the screen shot below it is arround 37) and still have lot of blurries . See illustation below. Again if I uncheck LC-Europe no issue at all. So I still believe there is something wrong in my set up / installation that is linked to ORBX products (out of the Base Pack).
  4. Paul, Yes it's what I did I tried it, it improves a bit but still not perfect. I get much lower FPS (around 10 instead of 20) lot of cutting. When I pause the sim, it recovers the scenery much faster but can't pause the sim every 2 minutes So now I wondering if LC/Region ORBX Products requires so much additional resource capacity that it could explain that for the same hardware/sim setting It runs perfectly with FTX Base Pack and no more with LC/Region ORBX Products ? Frame Rate 50: Not use full here as at 2000 feets I could not get better than 25 FPS TBM=400 It's worth for me As per your advice, I will ask some support to Doug Sawatzky Thanks for your comment, see my answer above. Still wondering why it works perfectly with FTX Base pack only and not with LC or Region products.
  5. Hello Paul, Thanks for your new advice. I checked my SceneryIndexes folder content and found 245 DAT files with some jumps in the numbering order. So I have deleted the folder content and restarted P3D (I use Prepar3DV3.4, have FSX installed as well but do not use it anymore since long time). SceneryIndexes was rebuilt with 176 Dat files, no more jump but unfortunately still same issue. I believe you are right, my issue is probably linked to file corruption somewhere. Any other idea ? Thanks, Olivier
  6. Hello Paul, thanks for your help. Starting with no shader folder and takeoff from EDDM for short flight around the Munich airport, I have now 423 cso files. 1) Does it sound good? 2) Is there a way to chack if files are missing ? Here is an illustration of the blurries, It happens after few minutes (low scenery setting does not improve the issue) And below arround same area same condition with FTX Global Base pack only (exactly same settings)
  7. Hello, I have install several products from ORBX recently on my P3DV3.4 Sim : Global Base, OpenLC Europe, Global Vector, HD Tree, OpenLC NA, and regions North + South California + UK. My PC spec: i7 4790 at 4Ghz, GTX970, 2 SD 256 GB, 8GB Ram, HD 2 TBytes ... 3 VDPs 1280x800 configured with ViewGroup Have on top of p3D few Photorealist addons from France VFR I'm flying mainly with A320 FMGS addon from Jeehell. Have ASN but not activated Out of ORBX products, P3D is running smoothly , no tweak except : AM: 84 FFTF:0.15 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30 AA: Off VSync: Off Since ORBX installation, I start to fly, all is perfect but after few minutes, I start to get blurrie textures I could not see the recognise the land anymore, If I pause the sim, it refresh the terrain texture after several minutes and then I can fly few minutes more before having the same issue. I figure out that as soon as I activate ORBX product out of the Global Base Pack (that could not be deactivated anyway), I face severe blurries issues. If I de-activate All ORBX in scenry but Base, it is OK no more issue even over protorealist scenes. My FPS is between 15 (over heavy scene very) and 30 (most of the time) I saw already a lot of posts around blurries and tried many thing proposed (even if none of them clearly stated it have fixed the problem): Delete Shaders folder Reduce all scenery detail options (up to minimal) Tune AfinityMask Reinstall P3D Check ScenryIndex order reinstall all FTX PRODUCT ... But nothing improved, still same issue. Can you please help to fix/identify this issue ? Is there a diagnostic tool avail to check all is OK? (I run already MigrationTroubleshooter, nothing raised here) Note:Apologies for my French English which might not be perfect! Olivier
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