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  1. Hi, This is one of my favourite sceneries but lately the wind turbines are showing as being upside down and floating in the air. I have amused myself by flying underneath them but was wondering if there is an update or fix in the works please?
  2. Thank you Nick. Found that and the other user docs on my HD. Now to get into the kmz and find the 50 jewels.
  3. I bought Australia V2.0 and do not know what the 50 large scale photorealistic Points of Interest advertised in the release spiel are. Are these listed somewhere please? I do not know where documentation is stored when you have the Steam FSX version.
  4. Well I went ahead and bought FSXSE. I then bought and installed Australia V2.0 about 12 hours ago. My first flight was from my local airport Parafield YPPF to Adelaide International YPAD. All I can say is that I am looking forward to a cityscape scenery for Adelaide. A big disappointment, do not go looking for Adelaide oval!
  5. First I need to reinstall my FSX after a system failure. I was wondering what if I bought the steam FSX version instead. Would FTX Central still let me download what I bought for my boxed version and recognise my AU1? (I believe the steam version is more stable).
  6. How is this different from Megascenery Earth? Apart from MegScenery only being in the US I mean.
  7. I will buy any scenery that comes out for AFS2. Fantastic sim and you do not lose anything when going down low with its technology. You get very high frame rates and quick load times. It Germany was a kickstarter project then you would have my money already. Bring it on! BTW, as Orbx does have its own aircraft for sale perhaps an Orbx chopper or Trike would not be out of the question?
  8. I think I saw 40% discount mentioned somewhere. With the current sale on why not buy for your FSX/P3D and enjoy knowing yhat yhere will be a discount eventually.
  9. Hi Stewart, the reason I had floating buildings was because I did not have the correct region for the airport! My mistake entirely and I even found that I was a region short for a couple of other airports I had downloaded. Now after expanding my region purchases it works perfectly. I am running FSX boxed version on an i5 16gb ram with an Nvidia 1060 6gb card by the way. Everything is working well. I am now thinking of buying the FTX Global and downloading the freeware USA airports pack.
  10. No, I was wrong on multiple accounts. The first was not reading that it required NA PFJ and also I double checked my other purchases and realised I also needed to buy NA Northern Rockies for my CEJ4 and CEN4! I always thought they were part of the NA Central Rockies that I have. Downloading that now.
  11. Thank you Stewart. I am indeed a dummy! I did not read the fine print when I bought it. After buying Southern Alaska I just presumed this was for that region instead of checking first. Sometimes the obvious is elusive.
  12. Hi, I should have done a search on this forum before buying this one. Using search I can see nearly 1000 posts about how bad it is but none of the solutions I have looked at seem to work. If there is no solution, is it possible to get a refund and exchange for something else that has no such elevation problems please? 2017-11-3_12-37-28-884.BMP 2017-11-3_12-39-3-969.BMP 2017-11-3_14-29-55-565.BMP
  13. Hi Colonel, I am not nearly as busy as you must be but want to thank you for posting that as I am thinking of buying some more regions. Thanks to Howard too for pointing out the solution.
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