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  1. Hi there, I'm running P3D v5 and had TEGB installed. Upon uninstalling I had no issues, however, when I installed Pula through Orbx central something happened and it now appears that I have conflicting airports for all of my airports in the South of the UK where I had TEGB South installed. I can't pin this issue onto Pula but other than a livery for an aircraft this is all I've installed into P3D v5 since I last opened it when it was working seamlessly. I've checked thoroughly for conflictions within my sim but have been unable to find anything. Any help
  2. For sure LOD 14 with seasons, as much as I love summer I do like having seasons, especially in GB which is where I fly the most.
  3. Hi there, Up until recently, my Orbx Bilbao scenery was working fine, however, due to reasons I have been unable to discover, I now have an issue with elevation at the airport. I've tried re-installing the scenery itself, OLC Europe and FTX global but to no avail. I haven't got any entry for Bilbao in the FTX Vector configuration tool so I don't believe it's a vector issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll leave attached a couple of photos of my problem. Cheers, Mungo
  4. Issue fixed, was a terrian.cfg problem.
  5. I have just taken off from a flight, when flying over the English channel I noticed there was no water. Just a lot of sand, any ideas?
  6. Hi there, I have recently purchased Innsbruck. When I was flying into Innsbruck I had a sim crash overhead AB at 5,000 feet. I reloaded the sim twice and the exact same thing happened. There seems to be an issue with this part of the scenery. Any ideas? Cheers, Mungo
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