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  1. For sure LOD 14 with seasons, as much as I love summer I do like having seasons, especially in GB which is where I fly the most.
  2. Hi there, Up until recently, my Orbx Bilbao scenery was working fine, however, due to reasons I have been unable to discover, I now have an issue with elevation at the airport. I've tried re-installing the scenery itself, OLC Europe and FTX global but to no avail. I haven't got any entry for Bilbao in the FTX Vector configuration tool so I don't believe it's a vector issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll leave attached a couple of photos of my problem. Cheers, Mungo
  3. Issue fixed, was a terrian.cfg problem.
  4. I have just taken off from a flight, when flying over the English channel I noticed there was no water. Just a lot of sand, any ideas?
  5. Hi there, I have recently purchased Innsbruck. When I was flying into Innsbruck I had a sim crash overhead AB at 5,000 feet. I reloaded the sim twice and the exact same thing happened. There seems to be an issue with this part of the scenery. Any ideas? Cheers, Mungo
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