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  1. Yes and also a few seconds of Sydney, Australia I’m pretty sure... without the harbour bridge, centre point tower and the opera house haha....it’s only pre alpha I guess. The rest is looking good though! Can’t wait.
  2. I sort of disagree.. while i think p3d / x plane will be around for a little while longer, i do believe they will become left in the dark once all the above mentioned starts seeing its way into the new sim. Maybe about two years (guesstimate) after the release of 2020 most people will have moved on, the other sims will just look and feel outdated and according to the recent previews it already sort of does// edit ( it actually really does look out of date, not sort of. ) Unless p3d and x plane decide to up their game then i think and once again my personal opinion, p3d and x plane will be left behind.. Why? because we all have to admit... us simmers need a new sim with current technology.. we've been left with basically three options DCS / X Plane and P3D and i honestly think the best looking and best feeling one is DCS out of the three, but that is a just military/combat sim. Its been a long time, we've waited long enough and now it looks like we are getting it.. an all new sim using the latest tech and taking the most advantage of our hardware that we spend so much money on. I think developers like ORBX still have a big playing field in the new sim, i cant wait to see some Orbx airports in the new sim. And i think most developers will eventually start doing the drops like we've seen over the past few years and what i mean by that is dropping support for platforms that are not relevant anymore.. from what i saw in the previews, if the earth can look like that in the sim, the planes fly as they have been hyping up, the developers release high fidelity planes and airports for the sim, why on earth would anyone want to stay on p3d and xplane ? To get only half the performance their machines are capable of? I guess we will have to wait and see how good the new sim actually is once we get our hands on it.. but this is just my personal prediction and i might be corrected in the coming months... but i really do think its the future. Business is business.
  3. ORBX make airports too not just landlcass and true earth... There is plenty of room for ORBX in my opinion.
  4. They are running a business... if you bought the product and an hour later it was on sale for half price that’s just tough luck. It’s very fair sorry... my opinion.
  5. I’m a big p3d user, however lately I find myself on DCS more than any other sim... the reason being it looks amazing and feels amazing. I’ve purchased the tomcat and f18 and Im lost for words. An Orbx touch would top it off. Just one captured directly from in the sim... imagine now the whole dcs world with an ORBX look. Wow.
  6. I've never really had a problem with central... and I've been using it since its come out. I actually think its the most efficient and easiest system to use out of all companies offering ways to easily download and manage their products.
  7. I purchased the heatblur tomcat for dcs world and every single time i fly it, i'm impressed, i learn something new and the flight dynamics wow... you actually feel like you're flying the tomcat. The visuals i think have set a new standard in dcs, it just looks amazing.
  8. I don’t get what’s cheeky about it... there’s been requests all over the screenshot forums for other areas...
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any screenshots of buildings HD from around the Sydney basin / metro area ? Would like to see what it looks like before i purchase. Cheers
  10. Personally, I think it’s too early to make any judgement on which direction to take in regards to shifting focus of addons or updating ones roadmap. I say this because Microsoft did state it will be a simulator... so it might well be made for simmers but with the general public in mind not the other way around. But like I said too early to revisit, refocus or update any plans with the limited information we have.
  11. Quick one, are orbx cityscapes models of cities ?
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