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  1. I'm pretty sure you cant share the program with anyone.... but from what i know, presets you can.
  2. From what I know the light configurator still works? Just go click configure in the global base pack and the config tool should come up... also maybe write a shorter title and the rest in the actual post
  3. Thanks everyone for the positive comments! From someone who hasn't flown the real thing, i can say in the sim yes it is a beast and a real pleasure to fly!
  4. A quick medical run from Bankstown to Wollongong delivering medical supplies! One of my favorite planes and doesn't work too bad in V5!
  5. Mascot and Eastern Suburbs... the floating houses are to represent the overly elevated house prices in those areas. LOL kidding, i've seen this happen in a few areas with any version of AU, usually a "refresh scenery" fixes it. Maybe someone else can expand...
  6. I usually don't skip any flight sim release just because i am such a fanatic of all sims, however this time i decided not to yet.. and don't know if i will. It just doesn't have that wow factor for me to switch, i've got x plane and 4.5 to keep me busy until MSFS. I hope i do get into their alpha though that would mean i most likely wont jump to v5. Also just to make it clear, v5 apparently has a few issues from what i read in the forums, but which software doesn't on release? However apparently there's a big performance jump. You decide!
  7. There's nothing wrong with getting information about products you pay for.
  8. The human mind is quite creative. But if people in our hobby have been around for long enough to know a thing or two, they should know this new sim + SDK is growth for developers not an apocalypse. Best regards, Ridvan Celik
  9. Yeah i totally agree with this, i hate to hear goodbye ORBX etc in my opinion this just isn't true. Like you said it will only be world class icing on a world class cake.
  10. The colors you get in sim would depend on the shaders and mods you use for your sim, everyone has different preference in this regard... I would suggest looking into reshade and the likes for XP11. Also i would say that for ortho images, they are big areas that ORBX provide, either thats what it looked like at the time the ortho was taken, or the team simply missed that specific area... maybe one of the team can provide you further info, thats just my take on it..
  11. If you have fsuipc, check to see if autosave is turned on, sometimes this can cause stuttering during the save frequency process. Either disable it or increase the amount of minuets its saved so its not so noticeable.
  12. Thank you all for the kind words! Glad you guys enjoyed them. Best regards, Ridvan Celik
  13. 737 pure power out of KMIA with light weight and early flap retraction a321 over the Coral Sea!
  14. Haven't done this in a while! Here it goes, enjoy the King Air over some ORBX!
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