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  1. Amazing work guys looks perfect, glad to see a company like ORBX keep raising the bar.
  2. WOW ! Now this is what i was waiting for!! I would also love to see some screens of Sydney Cant wait
  3. I’m also keen to hear about AUV2! I haven’t kept up much but from what I remember it was supposed to be released earlier this year. Must’ve been pushed back, it is what it is. Should be a good one when released.
  4. I agree that as a community we should just help.
  5. Bankstown and Barangaroo will be great, the cityscape of Sydney looks really different now.
  6. I would also like to know if option 2 includes snow... and if it does it might be an option to maybe just change the tree textures for every other season and for winter include snow textures for the imagery and trees ? this might be a way to keep the size down.
  7. I’m 50/50 on that last paragraph John I’ve seen a few videos around of what PBR can do to terminals and ground polys it sure looks like a great way of making things more realistic immersion immersion immersion
  8. I can’t wait for V2 I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. Look I agree fly Tampa done a great job with YSSY but I live right next to the airport and you just don’t get that vibe of being there with FT’s rendition plus it feels a little outdated. Yes it’s accurate but the surroundings of the airport needs much more detail to capture that Sydney feeling. I did see earlier in the year a guy with a nice camera being escorted around the airport to take photos... orbx ? Dreaming is for free right excited for V2 nonetheless
  9. It sure is, I wonder how the pbr is going to look! To the developers: Any precautions with orbx products ? Should we wait until we upgrade our client or will our products work fine ?
  10. I think that’s a very good idea, I guess it will also set the standard for other developers to creat airports according to your mesh.
  11. Wow. I really hope we see a shift into the next gen sims. I'm a p3d and x plane guy but i just don't get that excitement anymore from them. Tweak this, change that, lower this, increase that, aa issues here, night lighting issues there. Like i do enjoy the tweaks at the same time because it gives us options, however im waiting for that new WOW flight sim. AFS2 looks like heading that way.
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