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  1. I’m a big p3d user, however lately I find myself on DCS more than any other sim... the reason being it looks amazing and feels amazing. I’ve purchased the tomcat and f18 and Im lost for words. An Orbx touch would top it off. Just one captured directly from in the sim... imagine now the whole dcs world with an ORBX look. Wow.
  2. I've never really had a problem with central... and I've been using it since its come out. I actually think its the most efficient and easiest system to use out of all companies offering ways to easily download and manage their products.
  3. I purchased the heatblur tomcat for dcs world and every single time i fly it, i'm impressed, i learn something new and the flight dynamics wow... you actually feel like you're flying the tomcat. The visuals i think have set a new standard in dcs, it just looks amazing.
  4. I don’t get what’s cheeky about it... there’s been requests all over the screenshot forums for other areas...
  5. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any screenshots of buildings HD from around the Sydney basin / metro area ? Would like to see what it looks like before i purchase. Cheers
  6. Personally, I think it’s too early to make any judgement on which direction to take in regards to shifting focus of addons or updating ones roadmap. I say this because Microsoft did state it will be a simulator... so it might well be made for simmers but with the general public in mind not the other way around. But like I said too early to revisit, refocus or update any plans with the limited information we have.
  7. Quick one, are orbx cityscapes models of cities ?
  8. I’ve actually managed to get quite nice night lights with the latest p3d update and the use of the FTX lights config tool... my current PTA preset helps too.
  9. I had a thought last night when looking out the window and i think a specific addon does this in x plane, but it would be nice to have the low clouds illuminated over dense city areas with lots of lights...would look very nice on approach. What do you guys think?
  10. I think that's all done through resample in the sdk, with the higher res/lod showing ontop of the lower naturally.
  11. I think developers have advanced and are much more experienced now in developing addons.... I think the transition will be immediate. A few weeks-months of reading, studying and playing around with the sdk. That’s my personal opinion.
  12. Yes, really good news. Personally I think that they are very aware of what they need to do to achieve the same success as the previous releases in the franchise... they really outlined the importance of third party and the flight sim community. They wouldn’t make such an announcement without knowing the expectations of the community.
  13. I think flight simulators are the best things ever made. And personally I think with this one we have a winner.
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