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  1. Looking forward to this to replace the last bit of my g2xpl scenery for the UK and Ireland. Day 1 purchase for me.
  2. Just wanted to say that as a long term customer of Orbx products I'm really glad that you have released a product that for the first time ever has produced a look that is as it should be. With FPS improvements in 11.30 and eventually Vulcan for the first time I feel there will be a simulator that offers study sim aircraft with high performance and a terrain that one can match up to what one sees in real life. Thanks very much and hope you're really liking XP11.
  3. Glad to hear you bought up the Earth Simulations assets as they put a lot of work into them.
  4. It's old but I love the dynamic, A2A Civ Mustang with Red Dog repaint out of Canberra.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments, I was going to include a couple of additional shots flying in formation with a King Air but at the last minute realised that the scenery was photo based terrain from another company that I use for Arizona and Nevada, I only realised by looking at the shore of the lake in the image which just goes to show how good FTX Global is with non default landclass, it's hard to tell it apart from photo real in some cases. I like the last one too, after talking back and forth with some ex USAF guys on you tube who do some excellent formation flying I basically practice holding formation on every non tubeliner flight I do these days, this just happened to be at the end of dusk and I liked the lighting, especially of the desert which shows off FTX Global nicely I think. The Lotus Simulations L-39 is simply an amazing aircraft, not only does it look good but a lot of effort was spent making sure it had good FPS, works with dual cockpit in multiplayer, has RXP integration and even has a hood for IFR training. If you were going to buy one jet trainer then would say that this would be the one to buy, everyone should have it in their hanger!
  6. Just got Rex 4 and took the L-39 Albatross out to see what the difference is like, shots from FTX England & FTX Global in Calfornia. FS Genesis mesh + scenery tech landclass, Opus FSX Weather, Steve's DirectX 10 fixer.
  7. Ahh ok, that would be the Team SDB Enterprise, awesome add on, long day, sorry and thank you.
  8. It's the link I used so I know it's safe, you'll love it. For the AI fuel tanker it's a freeware KC-135T and I'm using Tacpack which allows you to spawn a tanker and do air to air refuelling. The Aerosoft F-14A will I guess come with carrier Kitty Hawk as that seems to be the preset in Tacpack. If you want some other carrier planes would recommend Dino Cattaneo's F-35 (use to be payware), F-14D (Tacpack enabled) and the excellent T-45, these blow many payware aircraft out the water in terms of quality. Here is Dino's T-45 ust after I trapped on the Nimitz, flew out of FTK England from Yeovilton then trapped just off the coast.
  9. Sim Skunkworks AV-8B, Rex textures, Opus Weather, Steve's DirectX 10 fixer. AV-8B at NZQN Scud running to NZMF That looks close! Cloud full of rocks! NZMF Low and fast in the PNW, still getting good frames. No problem with a short runway Landed at the end of the runway, FPS still good. Finally Mildenhall, really nice for a base airport in FTX England.
  10. Got to love the Sim Skunk Works F-84!
  11. If you like carriers then would recommend the freeware Nimitz & Ike by Javier Fernandez, awesome quality and they go perfect with aicarriers2 which allows you to spawn a fleet and steer it into the wind etc. Here is a package containing both. Below are some of my vintage jets: F-86 over FTX UK looking out over the North Sea in RAF livery. A-7 in formation with a KC-135 south of Yuma: A-7 flying in formation with a Yuma AI AV-8B: Mig-17 over France in formation with a bizjet, high and fast! Scenery is Orbx with various landclass if FTX Global, Rex textures, Opus FSX weather, Steves DirectX 10 fixer.
  12. I have to second the opinion above the tactical lifter was a disappointment although they are doing a version two which should be worth it. A-10 is a good planes and is currently getting the Tacpack treatment which may or may not interest you.
  13. I do like the Razbam stuff at sales prices, also think the A-7 series rocks, it's just a fun aircraft and although not top end in terms of FSX planes simulation is fun. If you like vintage jets then would recommend the Milviz F-86F Sabre and Sim Skunk works produce some really great planes, the AV-8B flies wonderfully and they do a mean F-104G + S as well as the very recently released F-84. If you like to try something different Just Flight are selling the Bear Studios Mig-17 at £16.00 which is worth it IMO, nice jet which saw action in Vietnam and a challenge with everything in Russian. BTW the AV-8B makes an awesome bush plane!
  14. This Antonov AN-28 looks nice too, downloading...... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVHXRFN0zvs
  15. Would recommend the freeware Basler BT-67, awesome plane, DC3 with turboprops! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocg_9OQ1kII
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