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  1. Hi guys. Nearly bought the Dreskie, know that’s not spelt right but you will know who I mean, the Seattle Airports by you know who for the upcoming True Earth PNW but I thought I had better wait until I find out if they are compatible with the said Scenery, does anyone know if that’s the case. Perhaps one of the developers could let us know. Thanks Derek.
  2. Don’t you just love Orbx. Looks fantastic and thank you, plus I must dust down the old Beaver again. Derek.
  3. Taph you won’t regret it, mean you can have the best of both worlds. I have not long started with Xplane, infact it was the tail end of Xplane 10 and oh boy it was quite hard just getting the controls setup but now with 11 it’s so easy. Plus it loads quicker than P3D which is a bonus. Derek.
  4. Hi Gollum. Do you mean like second hand items like joysticks and stuff. Though thinking about it that could cause some problems maybe. Derek.
  5. Hi Herman. I also not long ago had my monitor go on me and I hadn’t had it that long. In the end after a recommendation from Nick here I went for a 27” 2K monitor from AOC and it’s brilliant, but I think a lot of people here would be saying that if your after a 34” you should at least get a 4K model. But of course that is entirely up to you. Hope that helps. Derek.
  6. Ok now that’s interesting. As in new releases or future releases John. Mmmmm. Derek.
  7. Yes I'm getting old. Of course that is the time it’s always on. Oh dear.
  8. Just been checking the web for the next Fltsim Show at RAF Cosford and see it’s later this year 5-6 October and as you can see over two days. So was trying to find out what the schedule was for the two days. Meaning is it worth booking the two days or just the one. If anyone can help I would be truly grateful. Derek.
  9. Thanks Tonywob that’s great to hear and would probably put a lot of minds to rest that already have those Airports. Derek.
  10. Oh my god that is amazing. I hope all you youngsters will enjoy the future of Orbx because us oldens probably won’t be around to see the rest of the world in TrueEarth. Mean I might be still around in another 20 years but wether I will be able to hold that joystick steady is another matter. . Derek.
  11. Definitely money well spent. I do have a fair few like all the regions and quite a few airports. I’m needing, think the last time I counted was about 50 mainly for America and just in the last few months I’ve been buying for Xplane and have them all apart from the Australian one and the one for, forgot what it’s called, where they used to film all the old cowboy films. Derek.
  12. Well I have a good number still to go and think I started with Orbx from when they first started. Plus I was going to put this in a post. I’m hoping that there will be an Easter sale on maybe.. The trouble is I’m also into FSP shooters. With the likes of Farcry and Crisis. Have played them all and now with The Division series, plus I can hold my own even though I am 76. Anyway enough of them. Easter Sale anybody. Derek.
  13. You have a safe journey and a great time with your friends Nick you deserve it looking after us lot all the time. Derek.
  14. Looking very good and looking forward to the release and probably getting it for maybe Xplane first. Mmmmm now I wonder which Airport it could be. Derek.
  15. Hi Benny. You weren’t the only one and as I said in an earlier post think quite a few got caught. I was even thinking of getting my old Fltsim 2004 back of my friend who now lives in Spain if he still had it. Derek.
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