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  1. Hi as above if anyone has a good setup for this joystick is there any chance you could share your settings please. Just found out how to do the Elevator trim up and down but on mine I have to have the Num lock on or else it will not work. Plus things like the two twisty buttons on the throttle do not work. There’s nothing setup for them. As in Xplane I used to use one for the mixture control. Thanks Derek.
  2. I remember JV saying that after or some time after Southern California was done for Xplane, that they might concentrate on the East coast of America next, but what with Microsoft Fltsim coming out that might have changed. Plus as someone has said we haven’t heard from JV for awhile now. So who knows. Thanks Derek.
  3. Well as Orbx ported it over to Xplane, I’m pretty sure it will get the same treatment for MSFS 2020 along with all the other Airports that they have ported to other Sims. We just have to have a bit of patience for now. Derek.
  4. Hi think this is sorted now okay. Thanks Derek.
  5. Hi Smudger. No I haven’t but I did get somewhere with it as I think as I put some settings on hard as I had them on easy. Think it helped a bit and it does seem better now. Why the hell did they make it so complicated. Like I have an X56 with two twisty nobs when in Xplane I used one for the mixture. In Microsoft there’s nothing there to set them to anything so they can not be used. Anyway I think I’m getting used to it now slowly. Thanks Derek.
  6. Thanks Guys, sorry my bad. Thanks Derek.
  7. I am finding it very hard to control aircraft in turning left and right. I find that most aircraft have a huge turning circle and most times I end up on the grass or something. I’m using an X56 which has a rudder control. Is there a way to improve this somehow. Thanks Derek.
  8. Just thought would one be a drive image. Derek
  9. Suppose what I’m saying is can I keep the same hard drive letters that I have now. Plus would the drive with Windows on, be ok and it would start up with out any problems. Think I read somewhere that Windows will detect that it is a new computer, so would I have to reinstall Windows. Thanks Derek.
  10. Hi Guys. Right I am thinking of updating my Computer some time in the future but hard drives, I’m thinking of keeping the same drives. So If I keep them as the same drive letters especially the Windows drive will there be any problems with that. Hope you all understand what I mean. Thanks Derek.
  11. Ok thanks Dusterman, never thought of that, but that would be cool. Derek.
  12. Interchangeable yokes ?. Think you have the wrong yoke as i have not read about that any ware on the site. At least I do not think so. Derek.
  13. Lovely shots and I too still have Xplane installed and it’s so much easier to setup and just fly. Just one thing where did you get the aircraft skin please. Thanks Derek.
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