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  1. You Americans and your food, mmmm sounds yummy. I remember when we went for a day trip to the Space museum and we had some Chile dogs there, mmm mmmm so good. Derek.
  2. Thanks W2DR for the reply and yes I will stick with the Pro version plus I have found out you can check to find out your Windows key. Derek.
  3. I think if Orbx could cover the whole world in True Earth in say a year or maybe 2 years, then I wouldn’t bother with any other sim. That would do it for me. Derek.
  4. Oh stop mucking about Iain you know what we need to hear. . looks fantastic. It all looks so real.Derek.
  5. Ok checked online which sorry suppose I should have done anyway and the only difference seems to be that the Pro version seems to be a bit more secure which is great in this day and age. So maybe thinking will stick with the Pro version. Derek.
  6. Not sure if this the place to ask this but I have always used the Pro version of Windows for years it seems, but do I really need the Pro version. Mean I only do Fltsims and other games like shooters. Plus as I have said in previous post, the last time I had to reinstall Windows I had no end of trouble getting it installed. I’m asking this as I intend to upgrade my PC maybe this year and was thinking of maybe buying a new Windows disc as I upgraded from Win 7 online and so have no disc. Also the basic Windows is cheaper than the Pro version and I have to watch the pennies as they say. Thanks Derek.
  7. It is certainly looking very good, if only it was for XPlane as well. Derek.
  8. Hi Doug. Same goes for me maybe later in the year, that’s getting a new PC. Though surely if like mine the Fltsim stuff are on hard drives and your using the same drives in the new PC, then is it still advisable to delete everything and reinstall it all, or leave it as it is. Plus I might have a bit of trouble reinstalling windows as last time me and my son did mine we had trouble installing it and in the end a bloke from Microsoft or whoever they were had to take control of my computer just to get Windows back on. That’s why I might have to get another Windows disc but at about £130 it’s not cheap. Derek.
  9. So I believe that we will get Florida True Earth next, then Southern California and then if I’m not mistaken John V said something about doing the East Coast next. Any takers. . Derek.
  10. Hi Jack sorry I did not get back to you. What I meant was that the yard used to be a major repair yard for all the trains in the country. Mean there were others but not as big as the Eastleigh repair yard, but that is going back quite a few years now. Derek.
  11. Sorry Jack meant to say great shots. Derek.
  12. The Rose bowl is now called the Aegis bowl but still does the same with cricket and concerts. Plus Jack the Eastleigh Train works are nothing now to what it used to be, but that’s the way it is now. Derek.
  13. Really looking fantastic. Can not wait for this to be released. Derek.
  14. Hi bvdboomen. Forgot about that map also, so will have to wait until they are converted for XPlane which I assume they are probably doing right now. Derek.
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