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  1. Hi John do you have your sim on a Ssd or an ordinary hard drive. Mine is on an ordinary hard drive and before the update it took about 10 mins, but now after the update it now takes 15 minutes. Would I benefit in using simstarter. Derek.
  2. Dadtom65

    my ch yoke

    Plus you see where it says number 4 you have two little arrows, one pointing up and one down, believe you can alter some thing there. Sorry not on comp now or I could check. It does get a bit of getting used to but you will get there. Derek.
  3. Dadtom65

    my ch yoke

    Hi. Think when you move say lever 4 and the blue line moves, at the end of the row you will see like an arrow head, if you press that with your mouse pointer it should come up with loads of options to select. Like if the lever your moving is the throttle lever then just select throttle from the drop down list and then it should be ok. Hope that explains what to do. Derek.
  4. Thank you and all ok now. Derek.
  5. I don’t know what I have done but I just edited my last post but it seems to have disappeared. I whent into Google Maps on iPad , then settings then map history then selected a map and now it’s all ok. Derek.
  6. Ok got it sorted, whent into settings and and think it was maps time line, god I’ve just been there, and selected one that I had viewed and it came up. So now ok. Derek.
  7. Come on guys any help would be appreciated. Think I may have changed some thing in my IPad settings. Have had a look but can not find anything. Plus how do I uninstall them so I can try reinstalling them. Derek.
  8. Hi had this for a few weeks now in that I cannot get any of the maps like Orbx freeware and payware to show on Google maps on my Ipad. They used to work. I did have quite a few but now they have stopped showing for some reason. Anybody any idea’s. Thanks Derek.
  9. Dadtom65

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    Yes great shots Iain and I thought as well that they seem to have some very expensive cars on that very small island. Plus this is for the developers but could you not have the odd sheep graseing, sorry that’s not spelt right. Perhaps it would make it more life like. Yes I know nitpicking. Derek.
  10. Hi Stoney. Maybe time to ditch FSX and go with one of the new 64bit sims. They are both good that is Xplane and P3Dv4. Derek.
  11. Yep and I’ve been a member since 2008 and I’ve still only got a couple of thousand posts. Probably was not on much back then what with work and everything but since retirement probably on most days. But I’m happy Derek.
  12. Hi Iain. Happy birthday to you and have a great day with your family. Derek.
  13. I told you wrong about FTX Central not working with Xplane, think I was thinking of something else. Of course it does work with Xplane. Sorry Derek.
  14. Hi yes it’s me of course it works it’s downloading True Earth North now. I will put that down to my age. What I was meaning is will it in the future put everything in Xplane in the right order so we don’t have to muck about with the ini file any more. Sorry Derek.
  15. Hi Scot just read the post about FTX Central being used to decompress the textures In Xplane. Does that mean that Orbx are working on FTX Central to completely work with Xplane. That would be absolutely fantastic as it would mean no more moving scenery around in Xplane I hope. Thanks Derek.