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  1. Fantastic shots and love the livery. We have been to Disney Florida 4 times in the 80’s and 90’s , three with kids and once on our own after my cancer operation. Loved it there and that is my final wish to get there again, maybe one day but time is getting short as they say. One of my sons has been there a few times but he says it’s getting so expensive just for the tickets to get into any of the places. Anyway enough of the reminiscing. Great pic's FILOU. Derek..
  2. Found it, it was behind me and the Airport name is S93 Cleelum. Very nice and no trees on the runway. Derek.
  3. When I was writing the above I had paused Xplane and as I was having my coffee and a jam doughnut I saw that I was near S93 so just going to try and find that airport. Derek.
  4. Just had my first flight out in the sticks as it were, went to some airport but it was just a basic runway with trees on the runway but still took off and it was amazing, well done Orbx it looks superb. I don’t know if there are any proper airports done in the back woods anywhere if anyone knows one to let me know. Plus roll-on when we get some airports ported over. I can not wait. Great job Orbx. Derek.
  5. Jack Jack what are you doing. Low and slow is the order of the day. Really did you see anything in that bullet of an aeroplane. Nice pics though. Derek.
  6. Mine is still extracting, then it’s got to install . Will get there soon. Love the shots FILOU. Derek.
  7. Yep downloading now and all seems to be going well. I even might get some screenshots later. . Though I need to get Xvision later and what’s the other one I need. Where’s that brain hiding. Derek.
  8. Yep if it’s a monthly price thing then thats a no no from me as well. To tell the truth I don’t know why Orbx bothered with this sort of thing seeing as there are other like options out there. I would think it’s another thing that would interest a few people and like before get bored with it in time. But that’s just my opinion. Derek.
  9. Yes and I was thinking it would be great to explore with a helicopter. Low and slow. Derek.
  10. At last those magic words. Thank you Iain. Though thinking about it I might wait until the rush has died down a bit just in case there’s any problems as I think the Orbx servers will be inundated. We will see. Depends how long I can hang on. . Derek.
  11. Happy birthday to you Martyn. Have a great day. Derek.
  12. It’s ok I will ask on Steam as it might get deleted otherwise. Derek.
  13. Got to spend some money from Father’s Day but it is on Steam so thinking of buying an Airport of some sort for Xplane. Plus it would have to be compatible with Orbx True Earth. Have all regions so any ideas would help. Maybe Gatwick or Heathrow. Any idea’s please. Thanks Derek.
  14. Yep happy birthday JV. Have a great day. Derek.
  15. You lot sound like the Waltons, the tv show and that was great to. Ah happy days. Derek. Yep and another one.
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