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  1. Meant to ask how does the Helicopter perform. Derek.
  2. Great pictures by the way, fantastic. Thanks Derek.
  3. Hi Pete. Your right I am back to 16gb of ram. Scan would not except the ram back with out me first running test on the ram which I thought was a bit strange. I did try but I’m not very good at that sort of thing. One thing I found out is that most motherboards you are supposed to put the ram in the two slots further away from the cpu. I know you miss a slot. Think I found that out watching a few YouTube vids. Supposedly it’s marked on the motherboard. The sim is fine using is it high or very high. Thanks Derek.
  4. Thank you very much for the links PiotrMKG. Thanks Derek.
  5. A bit misleading but not new. I just meant that I have acquired one. All installed ok and been running all day without any problems but with MSFS as I thought I would be able to run said sim in Ultra, no crashed first time. I thought it was a new Airport that I had bought but it was not. I definitely thought it would run ok now I have a decent graphics card but it seems not to be. I did have the developer mode on and the frame rate was all over the place. Tried it on high end it was fine no problems at all so what gives. My son said to try it in Ultra but to turn other items down a bit but you
  6. Thanks PiotrMKG for your comments and yes I have been told that the sim is CPU dependent. Oh you lucky so and so, a nice 3090. If only. I need a nice new Cpu but as things are going that is going to take awhile yet. Thanks Derek.
  7. Hi yes I’m sorry that highjacked your post guys though that was not my intention. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hi Guys. My son bought the Honeycomb Yoke and the red lighting renault you can turn that down so it’s hardly showing. It is very good but we do not have the throttle yet and not likely to the way things are going. I have a question as I read somewhere that MSFS is more Cpu dependant than Gpu. Is that right or wrong. Thanks Derek.
  9. Hi smaze17. To me it looks like a mountain range. If you could show the actual Lakes that would help people to help you. They are are a great bunch of guys here, and they will get you sorted. Plus welcome to the Forums. Thanks Derek.
  10. Just a reply to my earlier post . Every thing is fine at the moment. Patch done and no problems starting MSFS. Thanks Derek.
  11. Hi. Just starting to download the new patch but forgot to delete the rolling cache. Must admit that I have never done it before other patches and MSFS seems to be ok. Should I get into the habit of doing what Nick said to do before installing any patch. Thanks Derek.
  12. Happy birthday to you Rodger hope you had a great day. Plus as the saying goes, there’s nothing like blowing your own Trumpet. . Thanks Derek.
  13. Hooray all ok now. So must have been a glitch as Ed said. Thanks Derek.
  14. Thanks carlosqr. Plus where would we be with out the Internet these days. It’s such a big thing now especially with the Pandemic all around these days. Thank you all. Thanks Derek.
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