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  1. Hi John. The only one left for conversation is True Earth Netherlands, so will that be the next one to get the treatment for XPlane. Derek.
  2. Perhaps in time Orbx will have to go where you only download the area where you are actually flying. If that’s a feasible choice. Anyone know what it would take to cover the whole of North America. In True Earth style that is. Derek.
  3. Hi Cruzer. Would it not be better to leave windows on your 500gb drive and use the bigger drive for your fltsims. Because I can tell you now the bigger drive will still fill up fast with your flight sim stuff. Derek.
  4. Whenever I visit the forums I often see people asking when is this and that scenery coming out in True Earth. I have the only Scenery that’s been done for Australia in XPlane and was thinking surely Orbx could do the whole of Australia in True Earth but then think that someone said that it would cost a fortune just to get the data. So is it not possible to have a list of countries that might get done in time and those that won’t at the moment owing to cost and stuff. Just an idea as that might stop people asking when is this and that coming out. Plus of course you could say that the list is not, what’s the word, bound in blood, you know what I mean. Derek.
  5. Great shots FILOU. I might just treat myself to this as an extra Christmas prezzy. . So I wonder what the next True Earth Scenery will be for the USA after Southern California has had the treatment. I wonder. Derek.
  6. Hi. I would think so in time. Is this for Xplane or P3D as probably more likely to get it for Xplane sooner than P3D i'm afraid. But you never know especially with the new Microsoft Fltsim coming out soon it seems. We will have to wait and see what that is like. For me I use Xplane more now than P3D so hoping for more for Xplane items coming out. Just my opinion. Derek.
  7. Ok thanks for the info guys, guess I will give it a miss and stick to what I have. Derek.
  8. Ok the site you need is just the Aurora.nats.co.uk and there you will find the Arerodromes section near the bottom. Then when you select the Airport you want, you have to scroll through loads of items as there is a lot more information there than there used to be. The Arerodrome chart is right at the bottom. Hope that helps guys. Derek.
  9. Ok just had another look and it does show the Airport diagrams but you have to scroll through loads of Stuff first. I’m going to have another check to see how to get there. Sorry Derek.
  10. It does take you to the new site but I could not find any reference to Airports maps. Like in the old one it said, I will have to check, Arerodrome Index - Specific. You select that and all the Airports are shown but not in the new one. Derek.
  11. Yes i reported this a wile ago, even sent them an email but did not get a reply back. So still no one can get UK Airport maps unless you have a subscription to Navigraph. Derek.
  12. This has to be better surly as it tracks your eyes instead of your head, which I have had anyway. Derek.
  13. HI Guys. just came across this in a video I was watching and to me it looked pretty good but as eye trackers they tend be a bit expensive. Just wondering if any one use's this item for flight sims. Plus seeing as I wear glasses I wondered if it would still be OK. Derek.
  14. Just seen this as have been doing other things and my god it looks fantastic. Will definitely be a day one buy. Now what about the rest of the old US of A. Thank you Orbx. Derek.
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