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  1. Thanks ozboater for the reply. Think I will leave it as it is for now. I'm not very good at the technical stuff. What a great old Location Coffs Harbour. I envy you. . Thanks Derek.
  2. Hi guys just wondering how stable is the new Vulcan for Xplane is these days. As have been playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint with Vulcan for about a month or more now and apart from a few issues at the beginning it’s as stable as anything now. So was wondering how it is with XPlane. Thanks Derek.
  3. Hi Kev thanks for that, think have tried that but sometimes it doesn’t work and this where you go into the Xplane files and change something. Thanks Derek
  4. Hi can some one point me to the right place for the transparent roads thingy as think I’m going to have to go into the file and you have to change something to off or something like that as in Southern California the transparent roads are not working. Thanks Derek.
  5. I wish they would bring out a 2070ti. Just that bit extra grunt would do it for me. I was thinking of getting the 2080 Super but like Nick says it’s the cost for even that one. Thanks Derek.
  6. Hi think if you go to the products page and go into the Southern California and then the read me, it will tell you how much disk space will be needed, plus what disc space you need to install said software. Have a feeling that it’s 200 gig or more. Thanks Derek.
  7. Ok found out that the colour for usb 3 is the blue colour which my computer has. Derek.
  8. Hi also saw this morning that the Cosford Fltsim Show has been cancelled. Dam was looking forward to that as did not go last year. Derek.
  9. Thank you John for the reply and about using usb 3. Think that’s the red type is it and I don’t think I have any on my computer, just the blue ones if that. Could I use a powered hub with usb 3 at all. Thanks Derek.
  10. Just another quick question. Does it slow the loading of the scenery in any way at all. Just had a quick look and external drives are so cheap now. Looked at one and it was about £80 for a 4TB one. Thanks Derek.
  11. Hi Nick thanks for your reply, might do that later as do not have a spare drive at the moment, hang on just thought I do and it’s a 1tb Black Drive but have a funny feeling that it’s knackered so to speak. I will have to check it out. Thanks Derek.
  12. Sure I’ve seen something about storing your Xplane scenery to an outside hard drive and then it loads it when needed or have I got that wrong. Like I have an external Samsung SSD only 1 terabyte with photo’s on and all my Fltsim bits and pieces. Could someone point me in the right direction please . Thanks Derek.
  13. Thanks Nick.Yes a very nice Monitor. Derek.
  14. Hi John thanks for the input but my monitor is definitely a 2 K monitor ask Nick on here as it was he who put me onto the monitor. I tell you what like you i'm thinking I am more into shooters now and i've played them all, not the online ones. Mean I do like flying aircraft and have played them all my life and same as you waiting to see what the new Microsoft will be like.. Plus your right about the expense of getting all the other bits. Derek.
  15. Hi John. I’m using a 2K AOC monitor at the moment with my specs at the bottom but ignore that bit about DDR 4. I only noticed that a while ago. It should be DDR 3, I will get round to change it later. What was my question? Oh yes the other day XPlane crashed with an out of memory graphics problem. I was using another monitor with the Goodway 5 app on it. Would that have caused the crash. Now my settings are not high and usually get about 30-50 frames normally, obviously not in dense area’s. Not using Vulkan at the moment. Any idea’s. Plus have asked this before but am thinking of updating my computer and was thinking if I could use, been thinking of getting a 2080 Super GPU first and trying it in my comp now as a stopgap so to speak. Would that work ok. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks Derek.
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