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  1. Is that you Jack, the one in the yellow jacket. Didn’t know you had a part time job at Leeds Bradford. . Derek.
  2. Beautiful shots Adam and that first one looks so real. Derek.
  3. Yes congrats Jack on reaching 30. I didn’t realise that you were only 30 years old . We all wish. Well done. Derek.
  4. Yep happy birthday to you Jarrad and as others have said thank you for all your hard work in making our sims so beautiful. Derek.
  5. Nice shots Jack. Isn’t it nice now with the True Earth series that you can see a great representation of other countries. Thanks Orbx. Derek.
  6. Hi as above to complete the UK you will need True Earth Central and True Earth North which as you know are not out yet. Plus for maybe future reference you should include your Computer specs in your signature to help if you have any problems at all with any scenery installation. Trust me it will help. Derek.
  7. Fantastic more airports to visit. Hey JV is there any chance that one day we will have a Bob to move around all this wonderful scenery for XPlane. Derek.
  8. Beautiful shots renault plus I’ve seen shots like this with the same aircraft but three different types of aircraft. For me that’s a first. Derek.
  9. If you all got the email then you can buy it from there as well , as I could not find it anywhere also. Plus when going to your email and selecting it, it shows as being in the products page which is highlighted, but it’s still not actually in the products page. Or wasn’t. Derek.
  10. Ah no Saturday morning at the local Cinema for kids. Yes Kit Carson and Hopalong Cassidy and was it Ming a sort of space baddie. Sorry got to reminiscing there. Derek.
  11. Yep I’m waiting for proper review of said Yoke as well. In fact hopefully if I go to the next Flight Sim show at Cosford I can have a go with it myself. Even the Throttle looks good. Derek.
  12. Likes been said it can mean many things like your kitbag which held all your kit from a tooth brush to your shirts and anything else that you owned . Or she’s got a nice bit of kit on her. Or dipstick, I was called that many a time. Ah happy days. I was in the RAF. Derek.
  13. To think that’s where it all began with a few black lines and green for the ground and where I started an interest in Flight sims. Haven’t we come a long way especially with Orbx now. Very very life like. Next time Jack I will read your post promise, plus I must get ASXP weather as have not got one for Xplane yet. Derek.
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