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  1. Hi everyone Just found out that there is another Great Australian Air Rally this year. Hop over to the following website to find out more about it. http://www.bluegrassairlines.com/bgad/gaar_2010/ Great opportunity to fly in beautiful ORBX world. Regards, Marcel
  2. Looking forward for the big News! As for the Swiss community, I will raise a poll in the biggest Swiss forum (http://www.flightforum.ch) and see what other like minded people think. I will keep you posted here. Thanks, Marcel
  3. Hi everybody down under and fellow enthusiasts all over the world Let me quickly introduce myself: I'm an enthusiastic flight simmer since only 2 years. But I got into aviation trough it so much, that I'm working on my real life PPL as well now (had my first solo in September). I followed the development of the Australian scenery very closely and I'm a supporter of ORBX from the beginning. It's very sad to see, that John and his excellent team is struggling to keep a steady flow of income. So please excuse my bold approach in making a suggestion for a healthy future of ORBX: Take Switzerland as the next FTX country Why Switzerland you may ask. For the following reasons: The country is quite small in size, so production should be possible in reasonable timeThere is quite a big simming community in Switzerland and the surrounding Europe who loves to fly VFRThe 2 major airports (LSZH - Zurich, LSGG - Geneva) are done or are in the making from FSDT, they could blended inThe smaller airports (LSZB - Bern, LSZG - Grenchen, etc.) are not available for FSX yet - here is a big opportunity for a products and for freewareYou have Andreas Hegi on board (helping with YWVA), he is the man who did all the nice freeware Swiss GA airports for FS9and lastly I think people would be willing to spend AUS$ 100-200 for a FTX style Switzerland experienceWhat do you think? All swiss simmers out there, please support my vote and write your comments. John maybe you could make a poll to see how others think about the idea? If I can help with anything (translations, contacts to the Swiss topographical government agency, Swiss flightsim community), let me know! with best regards from Switzerland, Marcel
  4. Please consider Switzerland as part of Europe when you do Europe next Thanks, Marcel
  5. Hi Check this site: http://www.casa.gov.au/pilots/pilotgde.htm There is a "Melbourne Visual pilot guide"! Very intersting to read all the different approches and departures for Moorabin and other airstrips around Melbourne. Regards, Marcel
  6. And the last flight of the day: Cruising out of Strahan towards Cape Sorell good night, Marcel
  7. And another strip found today: Mt. King Wiliams III Here the shots: Cloud ceiling is very low - just stay below Here we see the strip Lineup after we missed the first approach - better, this one will do Landed. In the west of the strip we see the telecom antenna on the hill (just above the plane) next up will be Bathurst Harbour (easy one - I guess)!
  8. Hi everybody After my first post yesterday (http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=1728.msg12986#msg12986) I thought, that I will post some more of my pictures along the way of finding all the fields in Tasmania. Today I started in Strahan (where I spent the last night in town in a beach cottage ) to find Cradle Mountain. Here are some pics from when I sighted the field till the (quit hard) landing with 17kt cross wind. There are some clouds quite close to the mountains - beware of cumulus granitus but nice mountain scenery (not as high up as back home - but still ) here we have the field spotted already (1 o clock) a bit closer here we see the gate landed (phuh) and some shots from the outside Hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy fliying there and taking them. next will be Mt. King William III see ya, Marcel
  9. Hi There First of all a big "THANK YOU" to the whole team who made this happen! I'm from Switzerland and the member of a Virtual Team (SGAT - Swiss General Aviation Team) on IVAO. Here my first couple of picture from todays flight. I went out to find "Ford Creek", found it, landed and could start again afterwards (good sign )) The pictures are taken after Ford Creek on my way towards Strahan: Nice view down the Tasmanian westcoast Base in Strahan There was some crosswind from the seaside Happy Easter all Marcel, Order Number 4021
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