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  1. Dear Richard, Thank you for your answer. OK I've downloaded the 2 zip files manually (Norway and Libs). For FTX Central v3, I copied the .Exe file on the sim computer, but then crashed. I assume it crashes on the sim computer when trying to download the datas. So I installed it on the laptop and make a copy of the directory, located in "user\AppData\Local\Orbx\" Though, when I opened it, I had no option to manually locate a file. Instead of your picture, I have a "There are no downloads available for product" message. Did the way I instal
  2. No I don't have anymore the installer of FSS. And V3 can run on a non-connected computer ? going to test, but clearly written "internet connection required". Going to test also on my laptop, but I don't know if it works with no P3D installed on it. EDIT : Not possible to run V3 on the laptop as there is no simulator installed..
  3. This is what I understood. But how can I install Norway for P3D with V2 ? I went on FSS website, but as I migrate the license, seems there is no way to download the file again (still 97 downloads available...!) ?
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased P3D and I want to install FTX Norway (order number in signature). Though, I'm not able to download the file in my orbx account, it's only possible to download it through FTX central V3, but I'm currently using V2 (No connection for my flight simulation computer) I downloaded zip file but was not able to manually install it in FTX V2. Seems to be only for V3 ? Should I post in the FTX central V2 section ? Thanks for the feedback.
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