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  1. well it's well into the 20th and no MS news from what I can see.
  2. @Tony Wroblewski @Jon Clarke Any updates?
  3. another user helped me before needing to post here. here is a screenshot from him 24.6287° N, 82.8732° W A representation of Fort Jefferson is also generated out on the Dry Tortugas.
  4. hello I am on Mac 10.15 and the current x-plane version. I am using Florida SD. I also have key west. I have tried verifying files, changing my ini file to list key west first and then tried listing TE first. no matter what I do, the 3d model of the Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas does not appear for me. Please help
  5. Perhaps another VStates will come out for Nevada, plus FlyTampa is going to release Las Vegas airport & city for x-plane, so a win win
  6. Ok thanks for the help. I will try that this weekend
  7. Yeah from not being in the US it adds a challenge. But maybe swap the order of operations per say. Make a thread asking for major POI’s while in dev so they can be added in to make the release more complete.
  8. Germany would be a great choice, but finish some more of America first
  9. I didn’t know this released. Just by chance I looked at this thread. Can you guys have automatic email notifications when updates are released ?
  10. Yes, why are those icons missing, along with the Hard Rock “guitar” hotel ?
  11. I checked & key west is on top and then I tried TE on top but both situations the fort does not appear, as it does for you. any idea? thanks
  12. I have TE Florida SD and the Key West package. I’ll check my ini file and put key west first
  13. Ft Jefferson is not appearing for me other an an ortho image
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