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  1. Is that the Aeroplane Heaven bird? Nice flying!
  2. Some 3rd party airports may require manually inactivating by renaming certain BGL files to get complete compatibility, but generally work very well.
  3. In the configuration app for each True Earth addon, there's an option to allow seasonal foliage. It's superimposed on top of stock TE photoreal, but I'm finding it looks fine for california, maybe even OR/WA. IMO...
  4. Were the Orbx bundles a one-time special? I was hoping there might be a TrueEarth US that will include SoCal once released. I am thinking about getting all four west coast titles... Thanks! sg
  5. Just a quick note for anyone following - LVFR KMIA and KFLL work nicely if you turn off their respective city buildings and phototexturing (not needed with TE).
  6. I know it was just released, but any commentary on compatibility (or need) for LatinVFR KMIA, KFLL, or KEYW? How do the new Orbx versions compare? I will do my own testing next week, but curious if I can learn from others in the meantime...
  7. I believe this is a known P3D v5 issue related to hazards.bgl which is located in .\Prepar3D v5\Scenery\Global\scenery - you can temporarily rename it to hazards.bgl.xxx and see if they go away. Of course, you'll lose all towers with that inactivated.
  8. Beautiful shots! That's my go-to repaint for the super cub at the moment too!
  9. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated. It's a fun scenery, and the description of how to find the airport VFR is perfect in the manual. There were many thunderstorms around during this flight which really added to the atmosphere!
  10. Hot! I just got the updated driver installed, very pleased as well. I haven't touched affinity mask in v5 yet, so off to tweak!
  11. Thanks for the links- unchecking DTS has solved this issue for me!
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