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  1. A truly incredible job. I hope to see Italy sooner or later. I'm surprised it's still not considered by many scenery designers since it's a country so full of interesting landscapes. Thanks for this fantastic new project Cheers! Adriano
  2. I'm 45, do I entitle for the senior discount? ;-) BTW, other three of four sales like this and... 1) I'll have filled every grey rectangle in FTX central 2) I'll be divorced BBTW, 1$ is the regular coffee price for coffee here in Italy! Cheers and thanks for this sale! Ciao Adriano
  3. I think you perfectly made the point! estocking stuffers is the perfect definition for that nasty/delicious disease
  4. Couldn't bear any more longing for this... I had to release the compulsive scenery shopper monkey and bought Stewart (CZST) too soothe its savage thirst. I hope my wife will never come to know how much I spent on Orbx sceneries during the Christmas sale!
  5. Just bought it and I'm extremely glad of this little buzzing lightning! Unfortunately I can't find the Tutorial flight!! Where should it be? Cheers Adriano
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