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  1. Administrators I have changed to my new email address for both this forum and OrbxDirect. Can mark as completed thanks.
  2. Agree with you Adam, sounds like you are also affected by this "V" companies changes. As soon as I changed providers from the original "V" company I found I could not send emails but can receive and the "V" help desk (over 10 calls, given another number to call which had bip...bip...bip ((no number exists)) ) back to the original "V" help desk and promptly say it's the new providers problem - what a cop out !!!. New providers help desk very helpful and in a language I could understand Bruce
  3. Thanks you to all who have made suggestions but have already change provider and set up new e-mail A/C. Haggled for a brilliant deal and pay no more than my previous land line for a 4G service. Old account still active till 30 Nov but experiencing difficulty in sending emails and the new provider techies are trying to resolve, so I would rather wait till issue is sorted before advising all companies of new my new details. Bruce
  4. Hi, hope I can get help on this issue please. My e-mail provider (large company starting with V) has notified its 200,000+ NZ customers that it will no longer provide an e-mail service from 30/11/2017. It recommends that setting up a Outlook.com or Gmail e-mail accounts. With setting up a new E-mail account, 1) How do I change things over with regards to ORBX Central/ORBXDIRECT accounts?. 2) Will this change things with product licences etc? 3) Any other items you can recommend for a speedy and safe changeover to a new provider?. 4) Probably go with Outlook - do they provided phone access should E-mail fail ? 5) I only have Internet service with a pre-paid mobile USB stick. Regards Bruce
  5. One of the strongest and longest quakes I have felt, doors settled 60 cm ajar at my place on East coast of North Island, No sleep since and felling aftershocks. Just heard 2 died at Kaikoura.
  6. Well done and congrads to all. Transfered without a hitch, even went to internet cafe and downloaded 2Gb (161101 Libs) onto usb stick and installed manually. Process was straight foward even tho I had many earlier concerns for a dumby like myself. Kind regards Bruce
  7. I also have monthly data cap of 1GB and am not on fibre, wire or wi-fi connections. So my Q1 Can I download my installs from a public Library, internet cafe or friends computer using a usb stick and then install on my computer but use my vodem stick to activate thus saving on bandwidth ? Q2 Recently I was able to cross-grade the two ORBX boxed DVD's with FSS which gave an activation code but have not downloaded yet. Would these still transfer to new system ? Q3 Having now all my Orbx products with activation codes with FSS, should this be a seemless tranfer or is there any other things I need to attend too before the due date? Kind regards Bruce
  8. Re-visited in-game display settings and sure engough it was set at 1680x1050x16. Changed to x32 and is now all good in fsx.CFG Apology to Nick for suggesting that it was already set at 1680x1050x32. I dont know how it changed or how long it had been at x16 again sorry. Thank you and matter can now be resolved. Regards Bruce
  9. Hi Nick in-game display settings is alreadyset at1680x1050x32 however within in the fsx.CFG it shows 1680x1050x16. Can I change this to 1680x1050x32 in the CFG ? Rgards Bruce
  10. Hi fellow simmers; I need a bit of advice with the fsx.CFG. There is a single entry and shows as: [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 .0] Mode=1680x1050x16 Anisotropic=1 AntiAlias=1 Should this mode be? Mode=1680x1050x32 If so can I open and change with notepad? I know this is a lower end card but have an older 32bit system and it is running through an HDMI cable to a 22 inch monitor and seek this advice as I do not wish to stuff up the system/sim which is running pretty well. (All Nvidia settings/windows resolutions are set at X32 within the computer). I have the latest Central update & 160708Libs and only run only FSX/Acceleration with a few payware aircraft along with Navigraph. Thanks in advance. Regards Bruce
  11. Seeking information with the latest Libraries and upcoming FTX Central V3 that there will still be an option via a tick box that future updates via both can be downloaded at ones leisure OR will it become automatic upon release? I ask this because I have very limited data restrictions (3Gb) for 3 monthly pre-paid Vodem stick because normal internet access is unaffordable, being in receipt of a benefit. I have not yet updated to the new Libraries yet because of the data size but am presently able to go into FTX Central/Settings/and untick checkbox - 1. Check for product updates 2. Check for FTX Central update and when I could go to ORBX support page and download with a download manager so I don’t use as much data should a corrupt or disrupted download occur requiring several attempts. Should these become automatic updating what is proposed for others in a similar position? Bruce.
  12. Thanks to all who replied. I have not been able to resolve the issue I reported earlier and have reverted back to version (trouble free for me). I note that browsing the forum that spirt_66 provided that there have been issues for some users onwards from the version and appears I'm one of those affected. Just for my curiosity for those who have it working did you just run the update from the app or download the new version ? Bruce
  13. Thanks to both replys - its when I try to click on the "nvidiaProfileInspector.exe" (right or left click) the profile displays and a green load bar races across the bottom of the profile page twice then immediately the windows warning message pops up and generates an event log per my first post. So its not loading the profile page. Have tried the version from three different download sites all with the same results so am at a loss. Just to confirm that in the download there is 5 files (1.Change log, 2. nvidiaInspector.exe, 3.nvidiaInspector config, 4.nvidiaprofileInpector.exe, 5. the inspector winzip file ? Im sure others who have or propose to download this version have or may run into similar I describe. Please inform what you did to rectify. olderdirt have you been able to sort out the missing spanner icon or is yours now running as per pmb post ?
  14. JFI, everything was fine before I clicked on bottom of previous inspector profile where it was highlighted in blue (update new verion avaliable so just did that now this problem. Like I mentioned I can get the interface up as the pevious version, but there use to be a green spanner tool about the middle right of the interface which took you into the many profiles and now that is not avaliable in this new version ? I just am unable to get into the many profiles. I have deleted the previous version and installed the new with the same results. Im still running 353.30 Nvidia drivers - would that make a difference ? Others is Vista 32 bit, windows updates current to 03/16 Just plain old FSX and acceleration with PMDG MD11 & 747.
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