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  1. Hello John, Thank you for the detailed answer ... I understood everything ... Best regards, Peter
  2. Nick, One last question, and this will clarify everything for meIs this product ORBX? ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur / CityScene Cote d’Azur (as does CityScene Barcelona) If, Maurizio says he's not ready for the project (since 2016…) Then why do you promote Simmarket and Justsim… as an existing product… (?) Maybe this is my last question and what I don't understand… Thanks, Nick! (and thanks BrettT!)
  3. Nick, From this side I got the ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur and Maurizio. Now, I see this, read: Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. I don't know who changed it (?) Nick! I, now, finished my interest in this project… Thanks again for trying to help… Regards, Peter
  4. Hello Nick, No need to "clear" anything about this project ... John Dow, "very simple" explained this situation ... I have not yet met the forums in such a situation, if someone is embarrassed by the courageous interest in a project that has been promising for three years…, then makes communication inaccessible… After all, this is a solution. However, it would be good if Maurizio "works together" at JustSim LFMN airport, then on the Simmarket site, do not comment on their product, and again "fully compatible with ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur." This is "misleading"! This is being done since 2016 and can be defined when the ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur is ready. It also includes ORBX. Maybe that's why I wrote to the ORBX forum. If Maurizio made the interest inaccessible, he would also reach JustSim / Simmarket (LFMN airport) to either delete this information… or correct the information that the "ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur" was about to be made, fully compatible and will be… That's right! Thank you Nick for your patience ... Regards, Peter
  5. Hi Nick, Something very strange about this: EU Orbx CityScape Cote d´Azur. Yesterday, Maurizio Giorgio's page was still available on this issue. Today, this is already read: Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. JustSim promotes LFMN airport P3D version 4.4 as an existing scenery… It's been made since 2016! Maurizio, does not say "understandably"… only "foggy" ... ORBX 2019 ROADMAP / John Venema: You can read the program in advance… So, it wouldn't be good to "clean up" this question ... !? We now have a couple who want a correct answer. Thank you, thank you and more ... Regards, Peter
  6. It would be nice to have some specific information about ORBX… I've seen ORBX Cityscene Cote d'Azur multiple times ... What could be the reason for not giving out…? This is: "Simple... advertising hype."
  7. Hello, JUSTSIM-NICE COTE D'AZUR AIRPORT P3DV4.4 and read more: "fully compatible with ORBX Cityscape Cote d'Azur" I think a lot of buyers would have a good answer for the Cityscape Cote d’Azur for a long time, why it wasn't released… And then why read more reference… !? I'm really looking forward to your answer… Best regards, Peter
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