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  1. Sorry to hear that.... I really can't be a customer again. Well I did enjoy your fine products for a very long time, wished you would come to the X-Plane world... Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Que sera, sera. Jay
  2. Since Orbx has decided to NOT pursue developing for X-Plane 11, I would like to know Orbx's views on purchasing an FSX version of an Orbx release and converting it to XP11 format using FS2XP or similar conversion software? Thank you. Jay
  3. I think you should do some research on what else is out there for XP... There is a LOT of great free stuff! There is also better payware, most on par with Orbx. My disappointment with Orbx not entering the game, we won't have the benefit of the jump in available content... Unless of course you know someone adept at the FS2XP scenry conversion software, then you could just convert what you already have for FSX. Not to mention all of the utilities that work within and along side of XP to bring the experience to levels unparalled in P3D or FSX... Oh and end OOM and crashes to de
  4. On the surface, it would appear so, however the scenery and aircraft developers have built in DRM to there products quite successfully. I couldn't move my add-ons from an old install of X-Plane to a new one... I had to reinstall (sometimes only involving copying the folder), then reactivate on first use. And so, this isn't a valid reason to drop X-Plane, especially with Orbx developing their own store and can make the software activate through their own servers for more security than a 3rd party eStore can provide. Jay
  5. Ummmm... I guess you haven't seen X-Plane 11... NA building in NA,,, EU buildings in EU... The team are working on becoming more diverse as XP11 developes over its life-cycle. Instead of winter textures, they are going for accumulating volumetric snowfall. Perhaps Orbx tools are unable to use these features and that's why they decided to drop Project X... Either way, doesn't matter. I once had hundreds of dollars sunk in Orbx in my FSX days. Them pulling out of X-Plane likely saves me hundreds more. Jay
  6. Pity, I was looking forward to seeing Aerosoft get a serious competitor... And I very much enjoyed OrbX in my OLD simulators. Jay
  7. For what it's worth, my house is in X-Plane's default scenery. Jay
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