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  1. There are hundreds of airports in Washington State that are not covered by ORBX payware airports, so your argument makes no sense again. I think your only option is ZL16 for people that want to save disk space and ZL17 for people that want quality! If server bandwidth costs are issue then charge a little more for the ZL17.
  2. I see a big difference in resolution/detail in the buildings especially location C - ZL17 vs ZL16. The ground clutter and buildings look like mush. If there is no autogen to cover up the various ground clutter in the rural areas then it's going to ruin the immersion. Plus it does not look as natural.
  3. A 4TB drive in the USA is $80. How long is it going to take ORBX to release 4TB of TE products? 4-5 years? The 8TB will be $80 by then. And most people are probably only interested in specific regions of the world. Most people fly from airport to airport, that usually includes everything in-between cities, mountains, lakes, farms, rural towns, etc.. So your "spending 95% of your time in a city" makes no sense. People were complaining in the other forums how soft the TE products looked at low altitudes. I think the current TE ZL17 looks good above 5000 AGL. So lowering the resolution even further would probably be a show stopper for me.
  4. Laminar since you will have access to the Betas a lot quicker!
  5. Instant buy ! Even though I don't sim in Europe since I don't have access to any chart data. Is there any free IFR/VFR charts online ? Will there be a truearth equivalent for the USA ? Cheers.........
  6. JV, what are your product plans for XP? Will there be regions ? PNW !!! Regards......
  7. Most users ? Thats first time I have heard anybody say that. Are you using a AMD card ?
  8. + 1. It's fun to fly around in and look at scenery but thast about it. The flight model sucks ! The 172 drops like a rock when you chop the power. Totally unrealistic. Speaking of flight model Austin just fixed the broken spiraling slip stream ! So XPX is on the up and up ! I hope ORBX will reconsider $$
  9. lol... I would have assumed that the xplane project would have been a ground up project not a simple port with baked in lights. That would have looked like a dog and not sold very well. Maybe thats why the canceled the project.
  10. Bummer ! Doesnt look like I will be buying any ORBX scenery anytime soon, if at all. Unless P3D 64 is amazing. The problem with the FSX engine is how the blurry scenery come into focus as you fly. P3D going 64 bit doesn't solve that. Correct me if I am wrong.
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