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  1. took me a while but finally figured it out and it worked thanks a lot for the help
  2. hello, so i have orbx YBCG and i know that Scoot Flies their 787 there (i will link a video below), however im unable to use GSX on stand 16 cause its too small, and really the only biggest stand was medium sized (when selecting the gate/stand). I am very sorry if this doesnt make much sense ( hoping the pictures will help, cause im not sure ) YBCG Scoot 787 (video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGmYwvP4Kmc&t=77s
  3. hi guys, i have seen in my simobjects of the orbx FTX AI files but i dont see them usually when im on my flightsim, does it usually depend on the time in the sim?
  4. Hi, Nick i just installed the FSX Registry Utility, and it worked thanks a lot
  5. ahh ok thanks, and thanks for the reply nick i will try it now
  6. Hi Doug, which transaction ID/ Product Order would you need? sorry i got a bit confused when you said that
  7. yes i do, if its by configuring it on the other hand, it would be hard because it shows me a error like this
  8. Hi, i would like to know why my YMML scenery has gotten like this?, is it something to do with the FTX vector or FTX australia?
  9. Hi Doug, i have installed it but for some reason i dont have a option to uninstall, is there a problem with something?
  10. hi i have this error when updating my global base pack from orbx, as well i have also installed YMML and YBBN scenery from orbx that i have purchased and i dont seem to see it in the library files, when i launch fsx at either one of these airports it loads default scenery, is there any solution.
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