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  1. Yes I think we are overdue an update, normally JV has the odd comment about projects just even if it's just to keep up the hype/interest. Something seems wrong with this airport for the excessive delay.
  2. This might be true or not, but it hasn't stopped them from releasing other add-ons. They may be having problems getting access to view areas that need modelling with final details and with current restrictions in the UK, that might be problematic.
  3. That's the problem with no updates about the reason for the delay of EGNT (Newcastle) people might give up, I myself have the UK2000 version for P3D and have recently used my points on the org shop to buy the Aerosoft version for Xplane11, they'll do for now but the Orbx version looks much better, but Orbx have to wait until I buy it from them now.
  4. At the risk of being repetitive, Any news for EGNT Newcastle, is it close to entering Beta yet? Being a local if you need any Beta tester's, I'm available if required. Obviously I know the local area like the back of my hand. Thanks.
  5. With those graphics Vulkan might come in handy.
  6. Stay safe, well as much as you can.
  7. There's no chance I can work from home, so as long as I don't have the virus i'll have to go into work.
  8. At least they seem to have sorted the over sized grass, tremendous picture as always from MSFS.
  9. Any more news to give John, seeing as we are now into early March?
  10. Very nice John, hopefully we'll be flying into Orbx Newcastle within a couple of weeks.
  11. I'd hold fire a few month and wait for the 3070 or better.
  12. Very nice work, but I thought Newcastle (EGNT) was the next release?
  13. I doubt that there will be 3 versions of MSFS, you'll just have different options within the sim, and you'll not be getting MSFS on the XBOX 2 in September, as it's being produced for PC first and then ported over to XBOX at a later date, we'll even be lucky if we get MSFS anywhere near a PC by September.
  14. Nothing very much happens from MS until 2300 GMT at the earliest.
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