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  1. Hopefully the FB motto "build fast and break things" does not apply to building bridges.
  2. This just made my day! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I agree, I'd be willing to pay a premium for it as well. I wonder what it would take to make the end costs justify the profit margin. I wonder if it's access to a combination of services like Canadian GIS, and photo data. There's some good Canadian Open Data resources available online: https://canadiangis.com/data.php but I'm sure the rules are pretty different for commercial purposes. Would be interesting to know if there are more than one reliable, and possible open source map data available that would allow for commercialization in their license.
  4. First off, I'd like to say that I'm a big fan o the TE add-ons from Orbx. I've been purchasing them as they're released for P3D. I'm still using Jon Patch's add-ons for BC which is over 10 years old, so I was wondering if there may be any future plans or talks in regards to expanding the TE PNW (or TE Alberta) up into the Canada region? I'm sure the developers at Orbx have been keeping very busy, but would be interested in knowing if this may one day be on the radar of Orbx.
  5. I think this has been asked in the past, but I can't seem to find the thread, so apologies if this post is redundant. I am looking at purchasing TE Washington today, but am struggling with space on my 1TB SSD drive. I have both P3D v4.5 and P3D v5 installed. I would prefer to only use P3D v5, but it does not support my GNS 530 GPS hardware when undocking the GPS and moving to another monitor. Because of this, I have also kept a copy of P3D v4.5. Because I have both copies installed, Orbx installed it's own P3D scenery/libraries in 'Orbx Library\p3dv{4,5}', and almost do
  6. I haven't installed it yet, but for load testing, it's worth loading up 'Task Manager' and go to 'Performance', run the game, and make comparisons on CPU and GPU load.
  7. Woohoo, downloading at decent speeds. I was wondering how the official install works when P3D v4.5 and add-ons is already installed. Has there been a discussion posted that someone can share with me? If not, can someone tell me if I need to uninstall P3D v4.5 + Orbx libraries/scenery and reinstall both, can I point to the separate Orbx install directory, or will Central do it all for me?
  8. I didn't even think of that, so there is indeed a benefit to switching over to FTX. I do like to fly real time weather, so great to know. Happy to hear that there will still be a use for FTX products even when more TE products become available.
  9. Thanks Nick. I'm new to the TE product line, so I appreciate the response. Looking forward to seeing new TE releases for P3D in the future.
  10. I bought into the TrueEarth experience in P3D for Europe, and currently have all the NA add-ons. When Orbx begins their TE NA release, will they replace my old Orbx NA scenery add-ons and make them obsolete, or will they enhance each add-on in any particular way? My guess is that TE will replace the older scenery add-ons, but maybe someone can confirm based on XP11? I found the older post from 2018 that says TE is a replacement but they're were looking to see if they could make both work together. Any update?
  11. No matter what happens, I just purchased the remaining trueearth add-ons for P3D today (all three Great Britain add-ons), so will enjoy flying throughout Europe. I have all the North American add-ons, so will be nice to enjoy flying in Europe for a change. Looking forward to hearing updates from Orbx and P3D in the coming weeks
  12. I had to same issue happen to me again today. It seems to happen every time I purchase a product on the web site, and not in Central. Unfortunately, Orbx Central icon does not show up in the taskbar. This once again worked for me: Try holding Windows Key + Shift and then press left arrow key 2 or 3 times, if this doesn’t work then try again with the right arrow key instead.
  13. "we are excited to introduce our new default airport, Randolph Airforce Base in Texas, which was developed by Orbx" So happy to hear that Orbx played a part in the v5 release.
  14. I doubt they will stop making products for P3D. The question will be if their products currently support it, or if they need to release a newer product. With the release of MS2020 expected for this year, and a new P3D release, there is a lot of opportunity for Orbx in releasing more products.
  15. Sure, we can wait. I don't care if we pay or not, but other third parties are already responding to P3Dv5. Nothing wrong with asking developers, especially if you're considering buying more add-ons this weekend and wondering if it's worth waiting or not.
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