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  1. Has there been any resolution to this problem? Dave G
  2. My FSX/FTX install is on a dedicated 250Gb SSD. I am now starting to run out of space. If I upgraded to a 500Gb drive is it possible to transfer the entire install to the new drive without having to re-install everything? Thanks Dave G
  3. Thanks, I have the first version of REX - I might reload that. Dave G
  4. Below image is typical of mist or haze in my FSX - it looks a bit unrealistic. Any way to change it? Dave G
  5. As an example I bought NA PNW back in 2010. Since then there have been 8 patches. If I re-download the file now, can I assume it already includes all patches up to this point in time? If so, does this apply to all products? Thanks Dave G
  6. Hi all, my problem has been resolved - the FSX\ORBX\Scripts\FTXCentral\Work\DummySeasonsLog.csv file was corrupted. By deleting this file, and running FTXCentral a new file was created and all is now running normally. Thanks to Ed for his persistence. Dave G
  7. Ed, I have tried most things: Reinstalled both Orbxlibs and EUENG Re-downloaded Orbxlibs and EU ENG and reinstalled. And various other things - thanks for trying. I will probably do a completed FSX, FTX re-install when I get time. Dave G
  8. Ed, No change - to clarify, I have removed it from that folder and pasted it on my desktop. Perhaps the only practical option is to do a complete reinstall of FSX and FTX? Dave G
  9. Hi, any update on this issue? Dave G
  10. Thanks for the response - yes I have tried but if "Continue" is selected, nothing happens. If you then try to close it the error message comes up again but then you can't Quit. The only way to close it then is via Task Master. Regards Dave G
  11. Is there anybody out there?! I would really like some support from ORBX for this issue.
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