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  1. thanks Doug. I might have resolved it from a suggestion by my Buffalo Airways Virtual Airline hub manager. He said to check if Orbx libraries had AEC activated. I looked at Orbx Central and the Libraries entry was not green checked. I set that properly and it seems to have fixed the problem. I taxied around the Tulita ramp with no difficulties. Haven't had time to check some of the other small airports but it's probably ok now.
  2. I'n noticing some anomalies in the Northern Canada airports such as Tulita in the Northwest Territories. When I take the plane off the taxiway onto unpaved ramp or parking areas it hits spots which register as a crash. If Detect Crashes is turned off the plane bounces in the air when it hits those seemingly random areas. This is in P3D v3.x.
  3. I just bought and installed Alderney into my system...what a beautiful add-on this is! The scenery, town buildings and layout, airport features, even horses corralled near the airport! Breathtaking and the performance on my old system is spectacular.
  4. Thanks Holger. I am using V3 and that is for sure the problem. Don
  5. Please can anyone tell me what is this marshy looking ground texture on the shoreline behind the aircraft? This is at Moraine Lake N 51 19.34' W116 11.05' It appears at several lakes in Banff National Park within the NA Northern Rockies package. Having been to some of these locations I do not recall seeing this in real life. I have Global Base, Global Vector and Open LC North America. Another view showing how odd it looks Respectfully Don Whyte
  6. Aah I see... that answers a lot of questions Nick. I will look at the Central Rocky Mountains package. It looks like a lot of corrective work went into it. Thanks for your efforts to bring that information to me! Too bad I missed the Christmas sales... Don
  7. Strange though how Lower Loon Creek airport shows at the proper elevation until I activate Orbx Vector
  8. Thanks Nick, yes I am sure that is the case. But how to fix it? Can the scenery files be corrected by the user? Don Whyte
  9. Been doing some P3D v3.4 flying in the rugged Idaho bush country. I noted some anomalies in a few of the airstrips. This came about when trying to replicate an FSX canned flight, "Introduction to Mountain Flying". This was a challenging flight from Bernard airstrip to Lower Loon Creek airstrip. I have Global Base, Global Vector and Open LC North America. 1. Lower Loon Creek C53, ID67. Lat N44 48.6' Lon W114 48.6' In P3D with Orbx products the airstrip is shown in a hole at altitude 4040', making for a difficult to impossible approach. Without Orbx active it appe
  10. Many thanks Nick and Stewart I will for sure give those a try.
  11. Is there anything that can be done about this elevation error at Lukla airport (VNLK) in Nepal? With Global Base and Global Vector active. Lukla is near Mt. Everest. At Lat N27 deg 39.81' Lon E86 deg 43.18' mag 84 deg
  12. Worthy pictures, very enigmatic! I`m always interested in a nice Dak, who's yours by? Don
  13. Er pardon me, you're in the air over England...
  14. Beauty! Wow nice DH Dragon Rapide! I didn't know they made it to OZ. Was ferried or shipped? How is flying with them?
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