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  1. Thanks Richard, will try that. I have FTX Australia and FTX England, plus Moorabbin, Essendon and Melbourne Airports, purchased from PCAviator Australia. So I assume the order numbers for those products will suffice as approved for access to support?a Avalon was purchased from the Flightsim Store FSS order FSS0092674 Geoff
  2. Hello I have some support and advice questions on my ORBX Australian scenery and airports, but when I try to access the Support Forums from the link "All support questions must be posted in the support forums" I get the following message: "We Could Not Locate the Item You're Trying to Find" Error Code 2F176/1 I would like to purchase additional products such as the new autogen buildings but am reluctant to do so until I get obtain advice on some issues Thank you for any advice as to what I can do to get access to the Support Forum. Geoff ,
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