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  1. Wow total facepalm. I can't believe I missed that. Thanks
  2. Not sure where to post this as there's no Volanta support section and I didn't see any support info on the Volanta website either. What exactly is the Navigraph option under "Connections" supposed to do in the Settings? I clicked it, authorized my account as I have an active subscription, but when I click "Load Navadata" on the Map Settings it always brings in the outdated 1908 cycle. So it seems connecting to Navigraph is pointless?
  3. Thanks, glad to know it's not just me It's obviously not game breaking or anything, but wanted to make sure it was known and wasn't sure what was going on since I hadn't seen any other posts about it. Not sure if it helps but I put the sim in developer mode and tried toggling to the various PBR channels and there was 1 maybe partly 2 of them that were displaying the behavior. I have no clue about the PBR materials but maybe that helps point them in the general direction somehow.
  4. Any input? Not sure if it just got overlooked. It sort of looks like aliasing artifacts but it's not, it really looks like the texture on all the window frames is flashing when moving the camera but only on certain buildings. I can get some video of it if needed. I did sort of managed to catch a bit of it in a screenshot but it's not as obvious.
  5. Soooo, I revisited this just now after having an aha moment just now while thinking about a problem I fixed yesterday. I was having crazy FPS issues with trying to run OBS studio and the popular freeware EGKK addon. I fixed that after realizing I was using all my VRAM due to having texture resolution on Ultra and causing my 2080 Super to choke on itself. Part of the symptoms there were randomly the FPS just dropping like a rock out of nowhere which was similar to this problem where FPS might be ok then it would drop and that was it. Sooo, now that my texture resolution is still reduced to
  6. I can get a video if needed as it only occurs during camera movement. If you park at spot 8 the building to the right of you with the white lettering on top, the frames around the "glass" doors and windows flickers light and dark when panning the camera in cockpit or external views. It's very noticeable since there are quite a lot of "frames".
  7. So after doing some flying recently at other default airports (including premium deluxe ones like YSSY) and a little more forum searching, seems this affects more than just addon airports and might actually be a sim issue in general maybe introduced in a recent patch, I haven't had as much time to play since WoW Shadowlands released in November so maybe I missed when it started. I was flying in and out of a couple airports in Australia all default and whether I used real weather or even REX I was getting really odd active runways in some cases. Like Sydney YSSY had strong winds (20kts accord
  8. Well I gave up for now and removed the city scenery pack. Maybe when I upgrade my 3700X and 2080 Super to my planned 5950X and 3080 it will bring the low FPS end up enough to let me run both. Worst case I lost like $5 or something like that since it was bought on the holiday sale.
  9. Not sure about wolfko but in my case I have 32GB and have seen the FPS window report up to almost 18GB in use sitting at EGLC in the scenario I described and usually with about 7100 of 7300 avaible VRAM (card has 8, but MSFS usually reports less overall available since other things use it as well). VRAM has not been an issue in other area though (similar usage).
  10. It's just weird because without the city pack but with EGLC still installed I was 40+ fps, with the landmark pack I was like 20-22 in that direction, 35-38 the opposite. Maybe I should ask if there are any known FPS issues with EGLC instead and maybe they're clashing somehow even though listed as compatible?
  11. Hi guys, picked up EGLC and the City scenery pack over the holidays and have noticed a big problem. The sim is almost unflyable with the city landmark pack. Sitting at gate 24 at EGLC if I pan the camera off towards O2 center I hit low 20's. If I remove just the scenery pack and leave EGLC I can look off in the same direction and see 40+ FPS in heavy overcast with light rain (real conditions right now). Is this a known issue with the scenery pack?
  12. Yeah I've been thinking of turning it off, though I've seen arguments both ways so not really sure. I have plenty of download bandwidth for sure. During my testing though I don't think it was an issue. I was deleting the cache which turns it off, then turning it back on which recreates a blank cache then loading directly into KBUR so there was no other data in the cache yet at all when testing.
  13. Thank you guys very much for the info I appreciate it. Sounds like we’ll have to wait on asobo. Hopefully they fix it quick. That seems like it could affect a lot of users. Not all of us are ready to use vatsim/etc. for now guess I’ll just take off myself and get clearance in the air I guess from the sim.
  14. I don't see how that's going to help. Just in case the US update caused an issue (haven't been to KBUR since the US update until buying the addon) I just tried pulling KBUR out of the community folder and the default airport is behaving as expected for ATIS/ATC as far as wind direction vs rwy in use. So there must be some issue with the addon and how it interacts with the sim. If the airport works correctly without the addon and fails with it, where else can the problem be at? Just to be absolutely sure, I removed everything from the community folder except putting KBUR back into
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