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  1. Can you tell me if Orbx NA General Aviation v.4 is working with the Prepar3d v.4.5 hotfix, because for me it doesn't. I have tried both full and abbreviated callsigns with the bottom entry unchecked for default Orbx AI, it doesn't work, I get no aircraft. When I go under view aircraft all I get is 4 positions to look at my aircraft there are no other aircraft listed and that's at Chicago O'Hare airport with 50 per cent air vehicle setting so I would think there would be something. Please help. I also have Global airports installed along with all of the global products, LC Europe, NA, South America, regions Southern Cal., North Cal., North Rockies, South Rockies, Australia, and New Zealand North and South. Airports, San Diego Intl., Meigs Field, Sedona, Bozeman and 4 other Australian airports. Thanks
  2. Thanks Holger, I thought something was messed up but it's an easy solution to move the date up or back thanks again.
  3. Hi, I am getting two sets of tiles blended with each other, this pic is a flight just east of Des Moines KDSM Iowa flying to Chicago KORD. The fall tiles are mixed with winter should just be fall tiles doesn't look right at all, I have deleted Prepar3d's scenery indexes and shader folder, terrain.cfg, and scenery.cfg along with deleting Orbx library and reinstalling it with a force migration and same thing any suggestions?
  4. When I ran migration troubleshooter it doesn't show my open LC NA and LC SA but shows open LC Europe okay, shouldn't both those show up in the troubleshooter? I uploaded a pick of the troubleshooter and scenery files from Prepar3d that both those LC's are in there.
  5. Aldrich same problem for me too and yes Doug it's limited to US and Canada regions.
  6. Flying from Port Elizabeth to Cape town I get Winter written in red letters in the mountains as per pics below that was yesterday 5-1-2018, also today I start FTX Central and it updates to 3.3.03 but won't open and says to send you the log file which is also included please help. ftxc3.log
  7. Okay thanks Nick I will try that do you have any suggestions on order of install with Pilots software mesh and FTX? With my computer specs any suggestions on in game settings? Thanks Nick, I hope I can get it running properly because when it is they are very nice... Rocket/Speedy
  8. I fly the superbug from mach 1.0 to 1.38 with FTX products installed, when I fly raptor or F-35 or superbug, I can fly any mach with Prepar 3d default textures not with FTX products installed once I put Orbx products in then the weird blurriness starts. Should I try downloading each product individually to my computer and then have FTX central load them from there, I also use Pilots Ultimate Generation mesh and what order should they be installed? Thanks Nick
  9. I have all of FTX Global products, AU, New Zealand North and South, Rockies North and Central, California North and South, Bozeman airport, San Diego airport and when I fly out of any of these areas the graphics are superb than around 50 to 100 miles from anywhere I am going to land bam all blurred. I run I7 6700 unlocked at 4.5, GTX 1070 8g card, 32 g Gskill 3200 ram running at 3200 so what gives? Do I have to uncheck areas I am not flying? I only fly one aircraft VRS Superbug F-18E new version capable of running in Prepar 3d v4.1, and sometimes the textures start blurry and then come in later in flight. I play Tom Clancy's wildland, Far Cry 5, and other graphic hogs and no problems so what's up with these textures is it the object flow v2? AL traffic and jetways are black and then come in when I first start prepar 3d v4.1 for Bozeman and San Diego I fly the Raptor and F-35 textures are fine not as good looking as Orbx but no blurry textures in beginning of flight or at the end so something isn't jiving between Prepar 3d v4.1 and Orbx. I would like some help please, spent a lot of money on your products I have uninstalled Prepar 3D V4.1 and Orbx your testers must have some tips to make these products at least run properly!
  10. Hi Todd, I know the Orbx team has many requests, but I would like to see one on Sioux Falls Regional Airport KFSD in South Dakota. It is home of the highly awarded Air National Guard Squad 'The Fighting Lobos' and has plenty of domestic flights and smaller aircraft usage. Users can take trips out to the Black Hills out west or go East to Chicago. Really a great airport to fly out of with two ample runways and from the terminal can see the Lobos parked ready to go. Thanks for having this suggestion topic and thanks to the whole Orbx team for all the great work.
  11. Twice I got this error trying to download and install vector into FSX Steam Edition and it said to send a copy of ftx3.log to support. ftxc3.log
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