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  1. Ops....sorry! It was just my idea.... but ....if he want to kill his faithful customer....
  2. Excuse me .... if I interpreted correctly by next year there will be the possibility of using the Orbx scenarios even on X-Plane. I hope that you continue with Fsx. You can reassure me about? Thank you! P.S.) Sorry for my bad english Fabio, from Pavia - Italy
  3. You are simply fantastic! Very beautiful scenery and with low frame! I hope you keep a long time with Fsx and P3D and Innsbruck will be available in a few days.... maybe before Christmas? Best wishes to each of you! ....from Pavia, Italy
  4. Thank you so much .... Gaab your method worked !!!! SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!! When Italy in Orbx ? I'm very happy !
  5. Yes thanks.... I'm desperate ... I spent a forturna in Orbx products and now wanted to move to a more capacious hard ..... but I do not know what to do .... I lost three nights .... I think my experience with Fsx and Orbx is about to end here ...
  6. I can not find my post on migration scenarios .... why?
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