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  1. I'm also curious about this. @John Venema can you guys please be more transparent re seasons support? It's not always obvious from your press-releases and P3D screenshots. Especially with the latest cross-platform releases and that permanent TrueEarth's summer.
  2. Hey @Aimee Sanjari, what about those Russian autogen screenshots from the announcement post? Don't see them above.
  3. Love all the improvements, great job! I will, however, miss my beautiful product tiles. The list view is a bit boring and somehow less informative. Maybe you can add a small thumbnails to it? I also wholeheartedly support the idea of having some kind of built-in map, showing all Orbx products (and highlighting owned/installed)! I'm using Orbx "Product Map" every time I'm purchasing a new Orbx scenery, but it's so outdated.
  4. On the screenshots above. I drew the red line to show that the title is misaligned.
  5. Shots are great! This is mildly irritating tho
  6. Great news, keep them coming! Would really like to see your renditions of Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch someday!
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