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  1. Congratulations Iain! You are indeed like a solid rock here in these wonderful ORBX-forums. I remember well when i first spotted some of your screenshots here sometimes around 2008 or 2009. You were a friendly forum member back then, your screenshots were of top quality back then – and so it is today! Congratulations! Cheers, Christoph
  2. Indeed, indeed: Congratulations Mikee! Keep it up! Cheers
  3. Smashing shots Iain! Seriously fantastic XPlane views! Thank You very much for sharing!
  4. Hi John! Thank You very much for asking - so far so well, just very little time for simming sadly, but still intereted in and following it closely! Hope You are doing well too! Will try sending You a PM some time next week. Cheers, Christoph And once again saying : I enjoy this video on top here a real lot! Great work!
  5. Nice video - thank you very much for sharing! Both sims look good here, but overall i think that Aerofly FS2 certainly appears to be visually more advanced than P3D, and will be looking even better in the near future ahead i believe, as graphic wise there simply is a lot of potential "under the hood" to be found at AFS2. And i love the sloped runway! Cheers ... and I don't understand your point ... because there is certainly nothing "washed out" or "flat" in this video.
  6. Hi Mark! In regards to mesh: The worldwide products suit perfectly and are suffiicient for Japan, i just pointed it out because on the other hand the default mesh does not do the japanese landscape any justice at all. Currently real life is keeping me away from simming, but as soon as i have some more time left, i will jump back into the cockpit right away. I'll just have to get it all started from scratch then i guess, as i am going to get myself a new PC then and so on. In the meantime though i very much enjoy following various flightsim-related websites, such as the ORBX forums he
  7. Hi Mark! Maybe the "green area" was caused due some "error" within the landclass data used for this (otherwise indeed overall superb) Japan-LC package. Now i am no expert here at all, but maybe this kind of industrial/harbour area was not clearly defined as an industrial/harbour area but rather as some kind of rural, less populated or park/recreation area, hence the use of greener/rural texture tiles on top. Because other than that i have to say that - at least in my opinion - the Haruo LC representation of Tokyo looks quite good compared to "reality" - especially because it is caref
  8. What a great journey this must have been Frank. Congrats! Looking very much forward to the video from it as You mentioned in Your first post.
  9. Hi Dave! The colour of the Inn-river, or, more generally speaking, rivers in the alps and mountainuous region over all, is/are not really depending on seasons as far as i know but rather on sediments and algae instead. A larger amount of Iron oxide for instance lets river water appear more greenish as far as i know. The colour also chances a lot after winter and/or heavy rainfalls, when lots of water runs into the river from the surrounding mountains. But: All this is only as far as i know and i am no geologist or aquatic ecologist, so i stand corrected anytime by people wh
  10. A little late for the party, but better being a bit late than never, so: Great news for 2017! It is superb to have ORBX releasing sceneries for various flightsimplatforms in the future - really fantastic! I will very much focus on XPlane 11 i guess for now and in the near future ahead and see how it evolves, because i (also) think that since the release of version 11 this platform has certainly turned into a very reliable, promising, open and convincing flightsimplatform. But sure i will also very much be looking forward to all the other "projects" on the table and eventual
  11. All the very best indeed John and a very fast and full recovery too! Cheers, Christoph
  12. Two nice shots from a sure nice looking flight!
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