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  1. Loving the PBR but the US airlines with the small aircraft hope that will be fixed before release
  2. love the little tram models excellent job and shows the attention to detail going into Orbx Airports fantastic,
  3. First 2 screenshots are just incredible looking. Cannot wait for this to be released. I got all excited earlier on vatsim EGPH had loads of flights i instantly jumped on Orbx thinking it was released thank you for sharing these amazing screenshots.
  4. I find your comment a bit harsh. Airports are changing daily all over the world. Do you expect developers to constantly monitor progress and keep there airports up to date to reflect real world operations. If you do then that takes up development time for new airports and i imagine you would be among the first to complain about the lack of new products coming. Developers are dammed if they do dammed if they dont.
  5. Beautiful screenshots. Its amazing how far we have come in terms of realism over the years with developers keeping things going forward.
  6. i actually had drool watching this that is absoloutley stunning work!!! to the developers well done this is a day one purchase.
  7. Hi Orbx as much as I love orbx true earth Great Britain I bought all 3 of them together back in August and paid full price. Now your doing an offer where you save 40 percent buying them as a bundle. This is a real slap in the face to people who have supported you before this buying them all together why don’t you at least offer people who already own 3 a free airport or something as a good Will gesture
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