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  1. Thanks for that however that is really not a soloution. why should i downgrade to the SD version when i have paid for the HD. Will Orbx refund me the difference. I think not
  2. No need to do that i know what the problem is its Florida. Like i said EVERYWHERE else loads perfectly fine. As soon as i load anywhere in Florida it takes ages to load.
  3. why does TE Florida take so long to load into Xplane 11. All other TE products seem to load in a normal and quick time but florida hangs on for ages.
  4. Thanks mate appreciete that very kind of you
  5. Hi @Jon Clarke further to our DM here is my thread. I think i sorted it myself but if you could give it a run over if you get a spare 2 minutes Many thanks scenery_packs.ini
  6. I have it working now @Josh Koz i got it working at the weekend. I ACtually done what you said above and it worked if that helps other people. thank you for checking in though VERY much apprecieted. Keep up the good work
  7. Thanks Jon, For some strange reason Xorganizer has messed up my ini ggrrrrrr
  8. sorting out my Scenery ini does anyone know where SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/ goes in the ini please many thanks
  9. @Kenneth King ok i had this as well pause the download. then go to task manager and force close Orbx. Then restart and unpause it. If it still does not work pause again then co to windows icon then search %temp% hit enter. In temp look for Orbx folder and delete that folder. Restart Orbx central and it should complete the install after 5 attempts i tried this and it finally installed straight away.
  10. Valid point however when it is installed it is work the wait :O
  11. you would think that spending just short of £160 on a payware product that it would install like it should.
  12. no good for me stuck on this now https://paste.pics/71b92f97e6135719bf219f88558f06c5 central.log
  13. Downloaded the files and now it hangs on this permantly https://paste.pics/71b92f97e6135719bf219f88558f06c5 Log attached. central.log
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