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  1. ?? Now idea about this And I see nothing ?
  2. Oh hazard, I know another guy, Dim book too
  3. I know old DC3 with no water ... Just beer and strong characters...
  4. 1 single shot on 5 great areas to fly ... and 5 imaginary repaints according the place Cameroun - western Border / Mountains near Nigeria - the old RealAir Spitfire MkIX repaint "TJX-CE_Cameroun" Soudan (Northern Darfour) - A2A P40 repaint "ST-DJB_Sudan" Mali - going to Tumbuctu (great Niger river and beautiful desert) another A2A P40 repaint "TZ-375_Mali" Tanzania - over Zanzibar Island (but better to fly west in the mountains) P47D AH repaint "5H-DES_Tanzania" (but with some Kenyan flags by confusion ... too long to change at present ) Niger - Curtiss P36 by VS repaint "5U-ADZ_Niger" Mostly just renamed + stickers paste on great initial repaints ... by Jan Kee for almost These should be uploaded this WE at Avsim ... file name will be airplane abreviation name + registration code + country... Happy flights in Africa Open LC Many beautiful places to visit at low altitude ...
  5. love the shots love the plane and love the place - near Alice Spring ? could be also in Mauritania or on the red desert in Libya - Algerian border thanks Mario
  6. and a great BBQ in the afternoon full of pork sausages
  7. great shots of this amazing and beautiful seaplane ... from France it would remind you too Cousteau (or if you are younger ... N.Hulot)
  8. Cousteau and Calypso's airplane ! great to see it again - thanks Jan
  9. fantastic shots and you are right it is a place to explore thanks Carlos PS : a great story to read with parts in this old and beautiful city : The Woman Who Lost Her Soul by Shacochis (also about Haiti...)
  10. wow that's a great idea to fly bythere a very interesting and nice narrative thank you Gerold - another world indeed ! I love to think that 12000 years ago there were animals such as hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes and rhinos, many lakes, rivers and trees (and so petrol at present !)
  11. over the Masai land in Tanzania in P3Dv4-5 with Open LC Africa - AH P47D
  12. Nice to see you back in Africa Gerold ... Now always to the South ... plenty of wonderful places ... do not miss after the beautiful Atlas crossing Tassili Ajjer, Air Massif near Ifferouane,.... Great place to visit at present ... go to the deserts, mountains, oasis,...and jump when it is too long ... Also good to be not to high and not to quick
  13. thank you Taph ... I will put the plane at avsim after the mistakes correction ... but I have to finish first my bathroom repaint and new shower complete installation
  14. Funny same feeling and I only noticed your comment just now I discovered the book in the 80s following the Ralph Basky drawing movie ... Maybe same for you Martyn ? And Dunes etc...
  15. thank you Gerold - glad my special touch is appreciated YOU ARE THE WINNER ... And I did not known this rule about wing registration thanks again In fact it is funny how complex is the mirror effect on the repaints : maybe there is something logic, but uptonow I really do not understand what Made a silly name confusion ! Thanks Martyn
  16. A very Nice tour with beautiful shots and very happy to read points about my old friend the Great Alexander ... I spent many times last year to follow its journeys in southern America Many thanks OND
  17. Great arrival with a fantastic view of the Rock
  18. Not sure there are 7 hills ... Needs to go back there to verify Thanks John amazing end of the end of the western world
  19. 10x WOW Splendid Adam !!!
  20. sad to it on the ground ... I spent 2 years to work on the design of its engine (GP7000 - FBC parts) And this company was one of the first client ... ( a long time ago already ... about 12 years ago )
  21. please do you use photoshop or any other software ... I started recently some repaints change using Gimp ... and quite happy with it Nice to show your results here and this one is really good !
  22. is our planet and our world not amazing ?! and billions of planets in billions of galaxies with amazing world too ... with billions of such great atmosphere and sea magic ambiance ... and sometimes some eyes to touch these wonders
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