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  1. Great night ambiance !! Fantastic airport job to get this !! Thanks Iain
  2. You came back a live great place to visit a day ... So remote so beautiful great shots Thanks Scott
  3. Happy Birthday + 3 days Jack that's a very big toy
  4. Absolutely gorgeons Thanks John seems so beautiful in TE !
  5. impressive ... needs Canadair airplanes dropping huge amount of water poor bears and tourists below ps : I wonder how you can get such fire in the sim ??
  6. really beautiful OND !!!! well a spectacular summer tropical sunset ... a new kind of scotish weather wow the climate change !!!
  7. wow 2 beautiful shots ... and a great livery to fly by there !!! Please John is it a private one - not uploaded on avsim ? lucky man
  8. indeed thank you very much Gerold Plenty of other african places to show nextly... need to make their posts but I am quite busy by work to be finished before holidays (but hum this year ... to go where ? ) and by plane repaints too ... never enough time many thanks Jack beautiful place isn't it ? desert and mountains, and a fully different way of life still like 200 years old with buffles & donkeys for agricultural process...but very poor people... Again a few one on the way to Tombouctou
  9. a very nice shot of this amazing wall thank you very much ps : for somebody you would like to travel back through time at this age, to read the famous "Memoirs of Hadrian" by the M. Yourcenar - in French it is a really beautiful narrative - I guess the translation is great too...
  10. thank you very much Iain - really Orbx teams made a fantastic job on this beautiful continent (before without any detail) Glad you took pleasure with the post Carlos. I love to use LittleNavMap (using the opentopomap layer for great relief details) - easy to use... but not with a minimized screen you have to pause and watch the map behind the p3d4 screen here is a link for this great freeware : https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmapscreens.html
  11. thank you John it is a really pleasant place to fly at low altitude and slowly. I spent a night in this village in 1998, arriving from the Dogon country and going to Gao (and next upto Tombouctou...) ... amazing trip on the roof of heavy loaded trucks (no bus) and so slowly...20 mph no more average speed ... At present it seems so dangereous to travel all around with the recent terrorism attacks ... poor people, the life was already so difficult and to add such terrors events ... plenty of others only 15 here thanks Adam thank you John - greatly various ground details : a real pleasure to fly Many thanks John glad you liked I would like to have more freetime, there would be so many things to add about this place
  12. wow excellent shots ... seems great and a lot of fun to come
  13. Mali - Hombori hills between Mopti and Gao, north of Burkina Faso This place at the gate to the Sahara desert is a really beautiful place to fly, with great hills formation (famous Fatma Hand, top for climbers), various and scenic ground details thanks to Open LC Africa, ... It is close to the Dogon country and its rich culture ... ( I've been by there 20 years ago ... it was a safe time ...it seems really dangereous at present to travel in this area with the Jihadist Attack ) To fly slowly and not too high all around was a real pleasure ! Orbx teams really did a great job ! (This is a new AH Miles Hawk Speed6 repaint to fly over Burkina Faso & Mali - it will be uploaded nextly at avsim ) 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Here is a map of that place (yes it was a long and sinuous flight path ... why a straight line when the place is beautiful ... ) Happy flights in Africa PS : Great book to read about the place, people and history : Amkoullel the Fula Child by the grand Hampate Ba
  14. A very beautiful set of wonderful shots very various glad to watch all of them Thanks Carlos ... sure I huge place I will visit too in TE world ... (But after my long exploration of Africa full of remote places with great landscape ... and Artic world journey to complete too )
  15. Sure I did for à long time ... Positive for any kind of open LC for Asia
  16. Great shots beautiful place and perfect plane for it
  17. again a great trip thanks Lars... In fact IMHO it is not so ugly as you said, thanks to Global : the 4th before end is great for me ... (No hope for one day a Open LC Asia ? Is definitily off ? Open LC Africa is so great ... )
  18. a very great narrative with plenty of ugly shots Thanks Lars ... I enjoy to see the other ugly or semi-ugly posts ... as despite this aesthetic to be improved, a real pleasure to see the post !
  19. Really beautiful Dario ... The shots and the passenger Great ground HD details on the last one with very natural colors !! Thanks
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