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  1. nice livery ... they had not enough red color pots it seems
  2. yes great scenery and wonderful shots
  3. thanks Adam - it seems really nice ... I will try it
  4. +111 great ! Thank you so much for your great liveries Jan
  5. Seems a wonderful little scenery - great serieof shots Almedin !
  6. great 4 shots Adam - I love all of them
  7. +1 !! I was excpecting for it ... and you found it first Adam
  8. Great first shot of the full of character plane
  9. Great ! Thanks Magic Seems a very pleasant plane I will look for it
  10. Nunavut (Artic Northern Canada) in Summer at midnight (24 hours daylight) ftx Global + vector Lockheed Vega 5
  11. Waiting 21 others Jack well done seems spring already sunny bythere
  12. indeed and well done Scott
  13. So nice serie of shots Adam ... And great chlorophil-minty livery by Jan which reminds me a good bubblegum
  14. thank you very much (and lately !) for your so kind comment Gerold. PS : Next story will be in Groenland and Northern Alaska ... the Inuit World and Artic Exploration (but very busy by my job and quite tired to finalize it late in the evening...)
  15. great Adam ! I love mostly the 3 first
  16. too good Eugene - we can imagine the bees flying on the flowers, the squirrels on the pine trees as well a the mole in the grass
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