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  1. "መልከም ልደት Jack" ... yes the pronunciation is of course "mälkam lədät" or if you prefer "ᓇᓪᓕᐅᓂᖅᓯᐅᑦᓯᐊᕆᑦ Jack" or last choice ... "Ki'imak k'iin k'aaba' Jack!" and the point is to recognize which one is Yucatec Maya, the one in Inuktitut... and the Amharic words (yes first time I see this language too ) Well I am sure it is the first time you have Happy Birthday in these 3 languages all together
  2. Oulan Bator in Mongolia ... something like that ? no other idea ... Well I would like to know why a so big building in a such desert airfield ... Optimistic people ?
  3. Wonderful serie of the big plane Nice to see Thanks John
  4. wow excellent Dario ! the first should be in the contest Amazing TE GBN ... so beautiful ground & rockies detauls I enjoy to have it in P3D4 (or to buy someday XP11 ?....) I loved to fly in photoscenery scenery this area (old GenX VFR scenery) and would be so great in Orbx product
  5. wow excellent to know that OND. surely I would like to spend such long stays in these remote places ! You had a work bythere ? Great to know their life during one full year !! I've been in 1991 in Churchill but never far in the North...I will think to add a step through Kaktovik in the story (I had already screenshots+pictures of Old Crow, Artic NWR and Ivvavik NP...) (Part 3 will be issued only in August as I have plenty of work to finish, chinese to learn for coming holidays in Yunnan)
  6. great Dam + great River + great sim modelisation + great shot I love the rocky details...waiting to have TE WASH in p3d4 .....??
  7. for sure and she likes when everything is perfectly clean so he is grantly motivated
  8. absolutely great Richard - amazing ground pattern and wonderful with this livery ... it doesn't matter if the camo is maybe not the most effective Frosky Kellogs Camo isn't it ?
  9. Here is the link to part 2 : https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/175289-something-different-8-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-2-eastern-northern-greenland/?tab=comments#comment-1535459 Hoping you will like it
  10. again a very very long story ... as it is a so long journey upto Chukotka (and will be also through Svalbard & Jan Mayen with Nobile...) Many thanks for your comment Adam Happy you liked it Jan ... And you will see some great planes liveries that you will surely recognize
  11. well part 2 already but you can read 2 and next 1 Thank you Ben for your enthousiastic comment it is really welcome Greenland and inuit culture are so great ! Very glad you liked OND
  12. You are very kind - thank you Thank you Jack Started 3 months ago ... A few evening per week and a few hours during WE and that's done But I am a bit boring for my family as I speak a lot about Artic for months ... So many unbelivable facts and amazing inuit world details to tell (Will be a break at present : I am learning chinese basis for next holidays )
  13. Thank you Ikbenik in fact all the long strory has been started all together since April...I have already the probable last shots (would be in Chukotka Russia) but I need more time to insert text and to arrange a narrative to introduce the shots...so the gap between parts is not the Time to do it but to try to finalize Very happy you had pleasure to read it, Gerold
  14. Wonderful description of this lovely place Carlos Thanks .... full of pleasant details
  15. yes lovely and great atmosphere - well done Carlos !
  16. well that seems so great
  17. a really beautiful historical livery Jan - thanks !!
  18. Something Different #8 : The life of Tioralak, artic bush pilot - Part 2 : Eastern & Northern Greenland - Thule - Ellesmere Link to part 1 : https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174300-something-different-8-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-1/ We left Nuuk in May 1988 to spend a few years on the Eastern Coast. It was quite a new world as the language is slighly different as well as the weather ! #051a #051b I arrived by the magnicent fjord of Kangertittivaq #052a #052b ... and my family by boat along the coast... #053 I was as an "Upernaviit", "a Man from the Spring", the name given to the whalers coming back every year when the sea was less iced... but I did not come to Scoresby Sound to fish whales but to fly from fjords to mountains or from habour to remote villages,... #054a #054b #054c #054d #054e I had the luck flying the mail route and tourist flights all around, shipping scientific teams or supplying food and equipments on these very isolated settlements... I had the huge pleasure to fly over the place where Commandant Charcot and Lindbergh were boarding, over the Ammassalik area (Tassilaq) and the remains of the old hut of Paul-Emile Victor and Doumidia... #055 #056 One day, having to fly to the Sermilik Weather Station, I had a few hours free and I met Doumidia in its small village ... she was a venerable lady at this time (she was born in 1915)... Dear Doumidia, wonderful character of "Boreal"... #057 #058 #059 Sometimes I had to fly over the huge Inlandsis...where are the paths of Courtauld, Victor and Gessain, the Eismitter of Wegener,... #060 #060a #060b #061 All Inuits villages have always been very isolated and sparsely populated...And this low population has survived during about 4.500 years, despite starvation periods and illness propagation since the arrival of the Europeans with Frobisher, Baffin and Ross exploration (1818 first historical contact)... Greenland (native name is "Kalaallit Nunaat" - "the land of the Kalaalit", the inuit people living on the western coast) is inconceivably large, the world’s largest island, with a population of only 55,847 (2016) spread out over 2,180,000 square kilometres. That corresponds to 39 square kilometres for each Greenland citizen and a population density of 0.025 people per square kilometre, world’s least densely populated nation...after is Mongolia... #062 Holidays ! For the first time, we were going back to the North Western Greenland, our native land. We stopped first at Upernavik, the village where were living my parents since 1968... old viking settlement and one of the first Danish Trading post... #063 #064 #065 Flying north to my dear country. All my family has left the village, Siorapaluk, close to Thule, in 1968, after the bomb lost, afraid by any possible contamination #066 Thule ! So many memories are still present here ... I went with my parents on dog sledges, with Malaurissuaq, followig the coast, sometimes upto the "other land", Ellesmere ... looking for Elisha Kane or Francis Hall camps, Knud Rassmussen first expeditions paths,... #067 #068 #069 #070 #071 #072 #073 All of this was true only upto 1968 and the disaster, the end of our world ... The beginning of the end started in 1959... Ultima Thule... #074 #075 #076 #077 Let's fly to Ellesmere Land, Nunavut, Canada, which was the favorite place of my family to hunt in summer... We will land at the Alert Airfield, the northernmost airport in the world, located approximately 520 miles south of the True North Pole - near are the starting point of Cook and Peary to the Pole... Flying over Fort Conger, the base camp of Greely, we will talk about the Greely expedition tragedy ... #078 #079 #080 The Greely Tragedy...starting at Fort Conger, east coast of Ellesmere Land #081 #082 #083 #084 #085 #086 #087 #088 #089 #090 #091 Alert Airfield : it is not possible to land more to the North, and the magnetic compass declination becomes very problematic... #092 #093 #094 #095 #096 #097 #098 #099 Cook or Peary ? In term of exploration method, inuit relationship and personnality, choose to follow Cook ! As well as according to the good feeling of the great Amundsen and the critical analysis of Jean Malaurie ("Ultima Thule"). (Mark Twain wrote about the lack of proof on both claims “The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a mermaid and a seal”) #100 #101 #102 SEE nextly PART 3... : the complete journey upto Alaska and Chukotka ... following the path of Franklin, Amundsen, Back, Mackenzie,... with Knud Rassmussen...and the Caribou Inuits, ... Hoping you liked - do not hesitate to write any comment : it is encouraging to the next
  19. great shot Scott - I love the 1st with the culture patterns
  20. beautiful ... and that's the plane to fly !!!!!!!!!!!! (well sure quite improbable to have a such possibility in RL )
  21. wow the shots ... that's the PERFECTION in the sim at present !
  22. really great shots and so real - thanks Dario ... well it seems it is necessary also to replant a lot of trees bythere ???
  23. For any possible late readers as part 2 should be finished this WE
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