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  1. Great tour ... And a cave to visit someday ... The one with sartene of course
  2. Perfect mix...best beers and whiskies ... Or chocolate...and haggis
  3. I mean seems a photorealistic scenery ... like a maybe future True Earth Montana
  4. Great plane Jan ... And even more stickers than I put myself on the Avro but not everywhere here
  5. Great mountains seems TE MONTANA
  6. Great reef ... Full of hungry sharks
  7. Nice flight Gerold black and white ... maybe a new chess game advertising ... What else
  8. Thank you Pete for the detailed explaination amazing to have it in the sim and to be able to explain its use !
  9. The plane is bursting at the seams Jean Marc, we run a very popular service but as yet I haven't decided where we are going. My favorite type of flight ... Full adventure included
  10. For information the original plane is available at sim-outhouse.com in the warbirds library
  11. Thank you Ebo I love it too maybe the lower side of the lower wing is too covered but difficult to resist when you have beautiful stickers to not paste them
  12. How are your passengers Captain Martyn ? Or is she empty
  13. Really really excellent Jan the perfect seaplane to fly around the PNW Coast ! The tail is wonderful
  14. Beautiful shots ! Is TE planned to be issued for P3D someday ?
  15. Wow the original livery sad to not have a right model to fly it
  16. Really beautiful ... Not the place where I would imagine to walk around but I was wrong ! Any idea about the green V1 style object ? Modern art or fun ? Thanks Pete for this unusual view
  17. So you are the owner of your DC3 well done Ebo and beautiful shots !
  18. so real ! Great shots Adam - a so beautiful V tail plane
  19. great sunset (or sunrise ?) light
  20. wow a new adventure begins with P3D V5 - Happy flights Ikbenik PS : Great DC3 livery
  21. The plane has been uploaded at Avsim : name 'avro_621_trainer_texture_et-afr.zip" - 2 variantes HAPPY FLIGHTS
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