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  1. absolutely gorgeous Renault - surely a very pleasant flight with a such light & sunset
  2. wow a really beautiful sky over Spokane !! indeed !! thanks TTM TE seems really wonderful in XP11 ... and great views of the iconic plane I love
  3. only one ... and a really great one Jimmy
  4. wow Jack so a great atmosphere on this trip !! I love the light and peaceful ambiance .... mostly on the second shot ... Well surely I will go and look for XP11 too
  5. wonderful colors indeed - I love the light and shadows light at this time of the day ("between dogs and wolfs" as we say in french )
  6. happy way of vfr flying (Personnaly I like to fly bythere using sectional charts available by Skyvector website)
  7. great trip John ... and that reminds me some flights in Flight Unlimited 2 many years ago
  8. nice to have your comment John.. .as as many others, I am almost ready to buy and to fly on XP11 to be in TE world...(but still hesitating relatively to all my great addons on P3d4)
  9. great collection Renault ! ... and sure a very pleasant flight in TE world
  10. lovely shots Richard - well done !! great livery I will look for
  11. well back from holidays : ready to continue this long flight crossing artic areas... for any possible last readers ... before part 3 coming soon...
  12. great shots ... so close to the mountains full of details - thanks !!
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