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  1. Not a good news ... I dont like the Artic ... ... I love it needs to look for that this WE Thanks !!
  2. I remember that Alajuela is a nice place close to the beautiful volcan park you certainly see it almost everyday (if not too cloudy)
  3. I love the hazy atmosphere - great set Jack
  4. But at the end the weather was fine ... A few minutes
  5. Macro gravitational wave effect
  6. Great so much snow and snowy mountains ... And sunny
  7. Amazing shots and sure xp11 is very attractive with TE ... still resisting to stay in p3d4 with my hundreds of lovely planes but it becomes hard
  8. A really pleasant set and sure a great flight through the Rockies Thanks John
  9. Thanks for the News Carlos - surely nice coming months I have been in CR 3 years ago and I love your country - 4 weeks in family hiking and diving ... In which area are you located ?
  10. Thanks Carlos a bit more freezing that Costa Rica
  11. Wow Jack I did not notice that commun point !! Thanks for your notice and kind words Yes very interesting Martyn thank you for the point was to be a beautiful plane which suits in Artic
  12. Many thanks for these 2 new great skins Jan
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