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  1. wow it seems Oman secret is discovered ... they usually hide gold bar on the tail with a poor repaint ... Sure an illicit trade ... it is the "Côte des Pirates" bythere ! maybe my repaint process is not so right ... the tail various colors on shot 1 & 3 are awful ... I need to check what happens with different lighning ... sorry for that, I hope the other planes repaints will be ok for others lightning ....
  2. thank you Jack ... Huge and various I collected hundreds of wonderful pictures of people, wildlife, landscapes to insert nextly ... you are very kind Herman - thank you many thanks OND
  3. PS : the arctic tour will continue next ... as I targeted to fly upto Alaska/Chukotka and 80% was finished when I interrupted to fly over Africa when Open LC was released ... and started to make repaints Just need time to inserts pictures on the screenshots and to complete the story... (but hard to have enough hobby time ... always to much work ... and only a few hours some evenings and WE... )
  4. ?well which one as there are plenty of images and several screenshots with the Comanche ...?? Anyways the sources of the pictures are very multiple - I collected hundreds of pictures during several weeks on the net, scanning from books I have, etc, and it was quite a long time ago at present not sure to remember a specific source ...
  5. I love particulary the 1st one with vibrant and natural summer light colors of the grass in HD ... And you were lucky to meet the train I miss it most of the time
  6. thank you Gerold for your nice comment... and also for your precision about Belgium I have Trees HD and Terra Flora by TD - I do not know why the trees are so bright green, and I would prefer a bit less bright (it could be surely improved by change of lighning factors...but not so easy to adjust...) - but the palm trees details for example are great
  7. thank you very much TTM I would love to see a such livery in RL I am living in a small village between Maastricht (Netherlands - dutch speaking - where Dartagnan has been killed by a shot) and Liège (French speaking) which has been a very old human settlement - Liège come from the Latin name Legia, a small river name, and from the Latin we became walloon speakers (a Latin language too) , and next French speakers (PS : walloon are not totally unknown - some settlers have been in the furure New York ... Walstreet name comes from them !) ... a long story ... some fossils of prehuman have been found near here .... 200 miles x 50 miles about ... and 11 millions of people ... but fortunately still quite a lot of forest and remote places in the southern area despite the high rate of population
  8. Indeed Many thanks Adam ... So great airplanes to repaint ... And great places to visit on this quite unknown/unvisited continent (not easy in RL)
  9. Very glad you like it Thank you very much ! I collected many pictures for many months about africa art, cultural Life, people, and landscapes...so many things to add at present on screenshots or next repaints...just need time to do it Much appreciated John Thank you for kind comment
  10. Thank you very much Ikbenik plenty of other places to show and planes to repaint
  11. lovely stagger and lovely mountains shots
  12. a great variety, wow what a bright green ! I love the serene last one thanks Mikee
  13. I love them all John !!! Amazing front cloud barrier at the 2nd and fantastic ground details with TE I guess
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