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  1. For information, 6 of my "full of stickers" G36 Bonanza repaints have been uploaded on Flightsim.to ... Happy flights
  2. so beautiful Pete !! You should be the winner for 4 months at the contest !!
  3. wow that 's a wonderful sunset John and a so beautiful old DC3 ! should be in the contest
  4. many thanks Adam Glad you liked a final one ... hoping to find time this WE to upload some of the liveries on flightsim.to ...
  5. the great visual aspect in mfsf is fantastic a lowest altitude : here is a shot - really immersive IMHO
  6. a wonderful set indeed with amazing waves and a very pleasant new mfsf plane, thanks Iain
  7. it seems to be a fantastic plane into msfs ... and great shots - thanks Filou I will on the jet charm too
  8. thank you Roger ... for your kind comment ... and last of the day reaction
  9. thank you Ken ... I love them too maybe a bit unusual at present ... and surely with less stickers ! Glad you liked John Many thanks !! Quite a long work to do these ... I need more hobby time
  10. thank you TTM ... I do not know this turbo G36 and I did not find him at avsim (library) ?
  11. wow amazing details and wonderful realism ! Will be great to fly near Firenze ! thanks to Orbx !!!
  12. several repaints for the msfs G36 Bonanza : almost finished ... of course full of beautiful stickers ... Orbx places are Bryce of course, Darrington, Orcas,... (they will be next uploaded on avsim or flightsim.to) hum ... bad landing for sure ... (a small white square is still present and need to be fill ... needs to find where is this little square on the texture sheet...) some planes will be
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