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  1. surely a nice place to live OND, close to great hikes...
  2. beaufiful shots Bernd ! I love Vicoria buildings... TE Wash seems great - if anyone has any idea about the availability nextly for P3D4 ?
  3. a very pleasant and realistic tour Adambar ... but take care somebody has repainted your plane during the flight ... a good boy as he set on wheels on your floats
  4. Happy you appreciated it Martyn ... nice area to fly and many things to tell Thank you TTM - if you would like any information for aircraft or livery tell me it is a epic world - so many great stories to tell in Artic thank you Magnus
  5. indeed - wonderful details of the rich geological landscapes...
  6. great tour with historical details Martyn - thank you
  7. thank you very much it is very kind but I do not fly big liners...I prefer slow VFR at low altitude
  8. a beautiful serie Renault ... and great place to get amazing whisky ...
  9. Beatiful shots Adam a lot of souvenir with this airport since Flight Unlimited 2...and always a smile with its charming name
  10. beautiful shot TTM ! and a biplan is always so pleasant to see strange this trouble W10 ... I 've always thought it was more stable ?
  11. the point is to swim after shark's lunchtime
  12. thank you Martyn for this through the time little travel...how was Australia at this time...see below PS : I learnt recently that there were a long time ago kangooroos in France...
  13. Indeed !! I would like to know if it is still inside and usable !!
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