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  1. great shots Patrick ... and very pleasant for a galaxy & moon lover as I am
  2. very glad you liked Adam thanks Greatly appreciated Iain thanks ... Well the next story will be much more freezing ... in Groenland and Northern Canada ... following Knud Rasmussen and many others in the inuit way of life
  3. perfect shots Adam ! XP TE seems great
  4. all are great Jack...surely a very beautiful trip in the warm & dry cockpit
  5. really beautiful shots (wow the 2nd !!) and a vere pleasant trip - thanks Mark
  6. Wow all are amazing as well as the plane choice ... .and the copilot for the title I would answer "a lot of pleasure" IMHO Thanks Filou !
  7. Great post TTM ... and you right wonderful plane wow nice to know that Jack ! I didn't know she flew it - you are right !! It seems it was a red one Vega 5B : see below https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/lockheed-vega-5b-amelia-earhart
  8. WONDERFUL set Adam ! WONDERFULx100000 for the first one
  9. NA Southern Alaska & PAGS Gustavus area ... (and the yellow P40 A2A )
  10. First yes but at present it is ok ... Surely a trouble on my side ... Well happy now they are great Thanks Robert
  11. Fantastic vidéo (but no available shots ? ). So great area ... Thanks Robert
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