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  1. Elephants just need stong crocodiles - of course 4 - one per feet - and no trouble to go on water +1 !!!!!!!!!!!! Happy flights Martyn and all Orbx friends
  2. great shots Iain ! And fantastic little african scenery : I really hope to see such others little airfields full of life / wildlife in remote places !!!!! Many thanks to Orbx & Partners
  3. Ah, great to see you back Jean Marc. I have already missed your comments. And I think we have lost your fabulous posts to the MSFS world? Yes Gerold - msfs world since August and none flights with P3D4 ... I am sad to leave the ORBC OPEN LC world and consecutive posts and connection to this so sympathical forum ... maybe a come back soon ... but the big airports and cities are not my favorite places to fly and so not at present msfs opportunities into msfs+Orbx to post here I am hoping something from Orbx similar to Open LC addons for msfs : plenty of improvments cou
  4. Hello Gerold - Hello all old friends ... great to see pictures from Namibian flights Maybe you could be interested by these msfs screenshots about this wonderful area ... : 2 links => sceenshots from a flight in northern Namibia and link => others (Angola-Namibia border) (also in the plane's zip file are better HD and more screenshots) Happy African flights !
  5. que fantastica coleccion Carlos !! todos son top
  6. Doughnut Express ... the very best airplane company : free desert refill at any time and you are sleeping in the cream during the all trip
  7. hello friends ! Just to remind the post ... and also well I 've just uploaded today 2 savage ultra shocks repaints for Australian flights at flightsim.to ... these 2 savages could be very convenient for somebody who would like to perform the same flight into msfs2020
  8. wonderful shots Richard ! great vintage atmosphere !! Another plane which would be fantastic to convert is the AVRO 621 Trainer (and sea Tutor...) and of course many others...
  9. hello guys just to remind this beautiful area which is very pleasant to fly in winter...and which would be great to fly too at present in msfs
  10. wow beautiful shots indeed ... and fantastic old plane ... lucky man to be able to fly it into msfs
  11. excellent ! great idea to portover this oldie
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