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  1. All are great Scott were you flying over uk lake district area ?
  2. Lovely plaine lovely shots TTM Same Jack but à plastic one by Airfix should be wonderful in balsa !
  3. Beautiful ... And a very long journey with a such speedy plane have a good time
  4. Great shot sure it was a very pleasant day ! Not yet fall Colors ? Hum no yellow hat no yellow shirt neither yellow trouser is it really you Jack
  5. ftx global + vector + open LC ... : Svalbard Spitzberg Longyearbyen ENSB
  6. nice serie Renault ! I think to remember to have seen one at the London RAF Museum at Colindale...with very huge wings
  7. beautiful shots Jack and surely a wonderful places to hike well a place I would like to visit someday
  8. sure I will look for this beautiful new skin great shots !
  9. a really beautiful livery Jan, and very pleasant shots
  10. He has just lost its keys or a bad lumbago
  11. Happy for you great shot and great flying place
  12. great shots indeed and wonderful water reflection - lovely place to swim or to sail
  13. wonderful shots John - I love the clouds and the various sky conditions Great tour !
  14. a storm is coming...(ftx global + open LC) Nunavut Canada - Ungava Peninsula near Kangiqsujuak ( which means in inuktitut "ᑲᖏᕐᓱᔪᐊᖅ "the Great Bay" ! )
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