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  1. Hey, thanks for the welcome and the quick reply! As a matter of fact, I was actually running on Direct X 10, mostly because NZNI was running so beautifully with it. Apparently I had forgotten about it; just changed it back and it is now working fine! Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey, I recently bought FTX AU together with YBAS and installed both of them with FTX Central 3. However, on YBAS (and all the other payware airports coming with FTX AU) the GA aircraft seem to not have any liveries. I am using the Traffic Pack for Oceania as well, these planes look just fine. This here is a screenshot of what it looks like. I do not get that problem when I use FTX NZ North/South, so I am rather confused as to what is going wrong. I have tried reinstalling them, so any help would be appreciated EDIT: The massive Piper in the middle is obviously me
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