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  1. From this section here: "Thank you for being patient enough to weather the turbulence caused by some of our previous missteps. Thank you for being willing to look to the possibilities of the future while asking us to be accountable for the past." It sounds like they're acknowledging what they've done wrong in the past and this team wants to go in the right direction. We'll see what happens!
  2. Outstanding. Absolutely 1st day upgrade for me. But since it's my home strip, gonna speak up for it. Not sure if your interactive map is out of date (the 'google maps thing') but Sunshine Coast Airport changed from YBMC -> YBSU long ago.
  3. Awesome. Looking forward to the new year now.
  4. No worries at all! I am enjoying the quality of the current package, the dynamic lighting and nose wheel operation is awesome! Thanks a lot Ted, I'll check it out Thanks guys
  5. Any chance you guys have plans on updating this with the Qantas 787? I'm mainly waiting for the model since I use them for Vatsim, however you're probably waiting for the routes they will fly. Just asking however if there are plans to update the package with this when this information becomes available. Cheers!
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