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  1. My extensive Orbx dowloads are were installed to an FSX installation in a folder Steam Library/steamapps/common/...... I have now re-installed FSX on the same drive in a folder Steam/steamapps/common/..... How can I 'point' the new installation to my Orbx content without re-dowloading over many hours. The normal settings option does not seem to work.
  2. Noted. Will check but I'm fairly sure some, or all files not present. After loadind FSX tried to run and same warning and although quick I noted 'VFX Central I found a few things restart .....' VFX Central ex OLld Prop is still found in various folders. Delete? John P
  3. Hi Nick, Many thanks for rapid response. Am running a full virus scan (a repeat) and now installing FSX Steam yet again. Will check it opens. I will then add BASE pack, Vector, open LC Europe, England, and,say, Welshpool checking FSX at each stage. This will obviously take me through into tomorrow. Will report when done. If the problem persists what files would you like to inspect - with regard to the 7.95MB limit? Regards, John P
  4. Several years of trouble free use on this computer. Now running Windows 10, A few days ago had a large Steam update. FSX, Train Sim, and all Orbx content had apparently been wiped. FSX and Train Sim re-installed. Working. A full install of my extensive Orbx collection also re-installed - many hours. Start FSX in Steam - Chase Plane starts, FSX home OK, select an Orbx airfield and a very brief warning appears bottom right of screen saying something like 'Orbx has detected a few problems - restart to clear'. On restart FSX, TS and all Orbx content again wiped. Four a
  5. Just purchased Alderney for FSXSE. I note the provisions. emails states 'added to your library'. Alderney appears in FTX Central screen but says 'Not installed' at top and 'No downloads available' on the main screen.Any ideas?
  6. I have moved FSX-SE to a different drive It works perfectly. I deleted the original location AND FSX. FTX Central now will not locate any simulator and shuts down.
  7. The loaded FSX Central screen crashes before the simulator drop-down appears Where now? regards, DP
  8. Still trying to get started. Deleted previous files and re-downloaded latest FTX Central. New crash warning indicates looking for scenery.cfg in wrong location - it is not in Program data\Miicrosoft\FSX-SE\scenery.cfg but rather in Program Files(x86)\Steam\Stem Apps\Common\FSX ................... this is then followed by the send logfile warning which seems common. File attached. ftxc3.log
  9. Last week I posted queries under General Discussion as "New to ORBX. Upgraded computer running Win10 / FSX Steam new installation. Complete re-install. Bought Global, Vector and LC. Installed FTX Central. When it opens it produces ' unexpected error send copy of FTX3 log file to orbx staff"" All suggestions were followed ..... still the same crash. To-day I noted the latest version of FTX ...... again deleted the suggested folders and re-downloaded the latest FTX. I still have the same error message and windows closes FTX.
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