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  1. Thanks for that will test it out tonight Tried your settings yesterday but still couldn't quiet get those crisp images that you got in pics 1 and 2. I'll post some up tonight...
  2. Wow nice renders there but I have a question how do you take the different shots? Is there a way to zoom around the airport without a plane? For example shot number 5 and 7. Got to try your settings tonight with my i5 I should get more FPS although i only have a 4870 card.
  3. nice photos love the Jan snow in KBVS it's gorgeous..... now if I can just stop my PC from having fatal errors every 25 mins lol
  4. Perfect! Problem solved. It looks fanstastic with snow.... Thanks John.
  5. Evening, afternoon or morning depending on where you are. Well I eagerly downloaded and installed my first payware aiport only 2 days after installing PNW according to the recommended order PNW - airports - patch - scenery lib. However I can't get snow on the ground in PNW or the airport I bought. Here's some screenies to show how it's looking in each season. />http://imageshack.us/g/196/201110523184958.png/ Each one is from a different season at Skagit. Doesn't really change between seasons Any help?
  6. ohh nice I'm due another upgrade after christmas Soon be running all sliders to the right in FSX I think....
  7. Wow thanks for the replies guys that was fast just about to buy and download since I don't have a preference I'm going to go with your fav Eric and pick KORS as well. Downloading PNW now 2 hours to go
  8. Well I'm going to buy PNW and can't wait to get my hands on it. There is a also a huge temptation to buy some airports as well however the main selling page doesn't make it easy to see which airports go with which region. There are 3 regions in NA now? Also it would be nice to have a bundle feature where you get the PNW + all the airports for a small discount or even just as a package with one payment. Don't know if this would also save on cc fees for FTX or not. Anyone if someone can give me a clue as to which airports are for PNW and which ones are worth getting it would be much appreciated. thanks, John
  9. Ok I bought a new PC (finally) and now have a nice I5 system with 8gig. Still running a 4870 card. I reinstalled FSX bought acceleration and everthing seems to be working great I installed the Tasmania demo loved it and installed PNW demo and love it as well. So much so that I now want to buy the PNW full version it's under 30€ and is well worth it. However I notice that it's been patched so my question is if I choose the download option will it already contain the patch or do I have to still apply the patch after installation? Can't wait to download it and install. Probably be tomorrow before I can run it though (4.13gigs) + patch at 525MB) Also another quick question if I may is there somewhere were I can find flight plans to take advantage of the scenery (ie best airports to fly from/to etc?) I usually use the default cessna... Finally before clicking on the buy now are their any packages with the airports included (ie buy X + Y for a discount?) if so what do the forums users recommend getting to enhance this beautiful scenery?
  10. OK total newbie here but I've just downloaded NA demo after having TAS demo. I have GEX for FSX so really wanna buy NA as my first purchase. Should I really delete the FSX.cfg file after installing NA?
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