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  1. does washington trueearth cover the whole of the state or just a part? is it possible to include a coverage map on the page where the product is available please?
  2. Hi is there any chance that LOWI will be made available for xp11 in the near future?
  3. Are there plans to port this over to XP11?/
  4. Simming for us all , is a very personal thing, no 2 people enjoy our hobby the same way. Personally I found thrueearth UK to be spot on, it gave a good level of ortho definition along with a good level of detail. Having previously scanned most of Europe at level 17 or better I found that level 17 best met my what I wanted as it is always a trade off between file size and detail. I am not interested in seasons as most depictions of snow etc are pretty poor and detract from the enjoyment so given the trade off of poorer definition and huge file size I would much prefer the one season and decent quality, Especially after having just spent 5 days and many aborted attempts to download UK central , I would imagine trying to download a file of some 360 GB's would end up giving all of us grey hairs, and i havent even thought about the cost to you the developer, However I think the best way to gauge peoples desires is to send an email to all of your customers and poll them
  5. i stumbled across them today descending through the murk towards EGHI they were at sea as a battle group, tried to land on one but fell through it sadly, but nice to see none the less
  6. I am a retired pilot , and have used fsim for over 35 years, with the recent upheaval caused by the arrival of LM and Laminar initially , I was forced to make a decision as to which one to follow, the advatages of the LM product was that all my photoscenery (i have the whole of Europe, the Caribean and southern US ) would work in it however most of the aircraft would have to be rebought and they do not come cheaply. Plus even the latest version of P3D does not prortray photoscenery a well as fsx due to its low default LOD setting. On the other hand The latest version of XP wasnt hampered by using masses of 20 year old code , and the flight dynamics were more realistic, it also had a depth of field that one simply never had in the earlier sims. It also required me to purchse some a/c but contrary to P3D there is masses of great free scenery and a/c available much as it was way back in the days of fs9. And it was this huge community that won me over. Initially i kept going back to fsx (because it worked very well) but after a bout half a dozen revisits I never went back again ,XP11 had won me over completely. Month on month more and more devs are making stuff for XP and the recent release of Trueearth UK south for XP shows other devs the way forward it is simply stunning , and I am a diehard skeptic . At simhaven we have a group of aged simmers who love to make scenery some have now gotten stuck into making stuff for Aerofly FS2 which also shows great potential but it is a year or two behind LM and Laminar and is suffering a bit, as XP did, with the lack of developers making stuff for it , but that will change over time, we are very lucky to have the choice that we now have after so many years of only having FSX, as good as it was.
  7. I, probably more than most people here, is best qualified to judge the recent TE UK scenery release. I have flown a parchute dropping a/c throughout the south of the UK for over 30 years , dropping mostly miltary teams into school fetes, village fetes, county shows , you get the picture. Finding a Drop Zone near a 2 horse village at best can be challenging, likewise finding your downwind leg to a drop being directly overhead Birmingham airport equally requires accurate piloting and good ATC., so I know the lay of the land and how to find things visually, I also have the whole of the UK in ortho between ZL 17 and 18 to compare TE Uk with in my P.C., so I can compare the new release with reality, and its competition, TE UK is not perfect, it could never be! rivet counters and officianados are pointing out its shortcomings daily, however as far as being a fully immersing experience, whislt retaining good fps and an accuracy /immersion that beats ortho almost all of the time, TrueEarth Great Britain South has set new standards for the competition to follow, It is the closest thing to reality that our simualtor can create for the moment, and this after spending 3 frustrating days trying to beat TE UK into installing correctly, welcome to the new world of flight simulation!! and well done Orbx
  8. you are wrong there JV we have letters in our possession giving simmers full rights to use the images for personal simulation use from 2 of the largest suppliers and we abide by that ruling very few simmers share the images ,as the files generally are too large to send over the internet, i certainly would not like to try to share my 13tb's of scenery over a 1.2mb upload link
  9. sad then isnt it, that you are no longer prducing any new software for england
  10. looks pretty unanimous JV , So are we also going to reintroduce a summer or christmas sale as well? they were pretty popular ) I am pleased to see that you are considering options to increase sales, it is all very well wanting to make 100% profit but if by decreasing prices by 25% increases sales by 30% or more it has to be a no brainer.
  11. sorry guys this bares no resemblance to the region at all, I take it the hills are supposed to be the Pyrenees?
  12. I can sympathise with Bruces opinion as I used to fly out of Popham, and have visited many times, to collect parachutists, all the airports that ftx have so far made. So to fly them now in a 206 or 337 bring back lots of happy memories. Sadly though if they are not selling enough of this type of airport they have to find a level of airport which pleases both the vfr guys and the tube flyers, hopefully this may be one that satisfies both camps. I hope JV keeps us abreast of how sales are going.
  13. John I will also pick up elstree at the new price, however a technical question: having flown out of elstree lots of times in reality I know that the first part is quite uphill in fact you cant see the runway from the bomb hole, why cannot this be reproduced by FtX? and on the subject of future airfields in europe: why not look at ryanscares network many of their airports meet your criteria of being used by small airliners and vfr a/c I have flown throughout france in my aztec and know of a few decent grass airports here as well if you need some ideas
  14. Thanks for listening to constructive criticism, I am sure I speak for everyone who has added to this thread, that we wish you lots of success in changing the goal posts, it is a difficult time financially , personally I thought you would have got better sales for the UK products but I suppose there is a larger than expected percentage of tube flyers, it will be interesting to see how Southampton sells.
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