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  1. Nope, they aren't. By the way I just got a mail from Paypal that the processing of the purchase failed and I get my payment refunded. It's like Orbx just doesn't see that the payment has been made.
  2. I've just purchased a number of sceneries through Orbx Direct, however somehow they don't show up as purchased. Looking at my bank account, the money has been paid. I opted for the Paypal payment method and then selected iDeal. The whole payment process went fine, however afterwards nothing changed in Orbx Direct. It's as if I still don't own those sceneries. I'm not planning on paying for them twice. How can this be fixed?
  3. Thanks, that was the problem. It appeared the folder C:\Users\Patrick\Orbx Library didn't exist. I've created it and now it works. Makes me wonder, why couldn't ORBX Central just create the folder itself if it were missing instead of giving an error? Why did I have to do that manually?
  4. I have a fresh installation of P3D v4 and I'm trying to install my ORBX products onto it, but as you can see in the screenshots not all products can be installed. It seems to have to do with ObjectFlow and products depending on ObjectFlow. As this is a fresh installation ObjectFlow is currently not installed. I want to install it, but I can't because it's not available. How do I solve this?
  5. I was trying to install EGFF Cardiff Airport and when I click Install I get this error message: I have Wales installed. How do I install Cardiff?
  6. I just saw some screenshots of ORBX Cardiff. It looks amazing, but it has one big disadvantage: it's for the wrong sim. X-Plane is just not my piece of cake, I exclusively fly P3D v4. Of course I have UK2000 Cardiff but ORBX is quite a bit better than UK2000. Any chance for seeing this masterpiece in P3D v4?
  7. Good idea. Other installers often ask you where you want your products to be installed. ORBX doesn't ask this, they just put it in the default location. It can be a whole lot of trouble to move an ORBX scenery to a different location. Speaking of that, would it be possible to add an option to not automatically add the installed ORBX sceneries to the scenery library when FTX Central is started? Suppose you got an installed scenery moved to a different location and manually adjusted the scenery library entrances, once you start FTX Central those entrances are set back to the old (wro
  8. For me high quality means all seasons, otherwise it might be HD but it's still low quality. Summer only is a big reason to say no. Besides the decision to make it for AFS2 only is a bummer. All respect for the AFS2 users, but the majority of flight simmers (including me) still uses FSX/P3D. That's still the major market, AFS2 is a niche. Not many sales expected there.
  9. Another reason not to buy it, I'm using P3D v4 and i'll stick to that. No AFS2 for me, never! If it would be for P3D v4 and it would have seasons, maybe. But under these conditions? No, no, no!
  10. I've got mixed feelings about this. Sure it would look stunning, but the cons outweigh the pros for me. One con I haven't heard so far, but which I find definitely worth mentioning, is that if this project goes on it'll take up a whole lot of development capacity. Capacity that then can't be used for anything else. That would mean we'd get less airports, cityscapes, etc. And then, summer textures only? No thanks, not for me. I've let Aerosoft/Flugwerk Austria Professional HD slip for the same reason. I mean, what if you're flying in winter and suddenly you're over Germa
  11. Can't compare that, Canada is many times bigger than the Netherlands. Besides, Canada looks quite good with landclass and that's a big difference.
  12. There isn't? How about this one: http://secure.simmarket.com/fsimstudios-louis-armstrong-new-orleans-international-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml
  13. That's my concern as well. Maybe we can get some screenshots of the border areas. So far all screenshots have been of the Randstad region in the west of the Netherlands, I'm curious about the east and south. Specially where you can see the border between photoscenery and landclass. For example, some screenshots at Weeze airport looking from the Netherlands. I know Weeze is located in Germany but extremely close to the Dutch border and very popular with the Dutch people. Will the border be obviously visible or will it be smooth? So far that question has not been answered.
  14. My concerns exactly. What they got now is just the same as NL2000, only difference is that NL2000 is free. But a landclass-based area of the Netherlands would absolutely be welcome!
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