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  1. Nice, been a long time since we have seen anything new for the west coast. Will buy
  2. Hello, I also really would like to know as I have more than tweenty other airports mixed with Orbx pacific coast offering
  3. Looks beautifull, I hope we will see a full fledged region around it one day. Etienne
  4. Hi, thx for the update; just installed the P3 V3.1 version and in FTX Central on the control panel the Spray effect at the river weir is off by default and if I try to switch it on I get the following red box with no ticking to prevail: Error setting Spray effect at th river weir to on ORBX_3W5_Dam_Spray.BGL and ORBX_3W5_Dam_Spray.BGL.OFF seem to be missing Notice that the Spray is clearly visible and on in the simulation, so no biggy for me. FTX: NA 3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport FSS0075685
  5. I have the same setup P3D v3.1 and it is here, Something went wrong in your install. Etienne
  6. Hello, · Just installed the new KEKA ( P3D V3.1 ) did a flight KEKA to KFOT in autumn season; while it was really enjoyable I noticed that the high rez ground sand/mud texture around samoa is darker (dark Brown) than the low rez; making a disgraceful checkered effect if you flight low enough and it is immersion breaker for me. Hopefully this can be fixed Etienne order: KFOT FSS0426511 KEKA FSS0419282 NCA FSS0285282
  7. Just did a O60 Cloverdale - KSTS Sonoma rotation passing by the detailled Mount Hood summit on the way back. Very nice indeed. Etienne
  8. Something has always been wrong at Squamish Airport, somehow around the harbor / university something is killing the fps.(and also creates blurries). My experience is: 1. reflection of moutains in water kills fps (image is computed x2) 2. high def photoreal on mountains uses alot of fps. It is easy to see why, if you face multiple valley with 45% slope the amount of bitmap to project / hide computation is multiplied compared to flying above flat ground. Also the amount of texture close to the plane increases (higher rez are also slower to load and display) 3. scenary
  9. Hello; I dont have any grass on the floor in W52 grohen P3D v3 , dont know why; tried different level level of détails not to prevail; tried the apply button as well #FSS0136031
  10. this time it worked; thanks Adrian for the quick support. Etienne
  11. not sure I understand; all the other install went with no pbs and proposed fsx and P3V3 which are installed (nice blue menu). In this case I see an old grey installer proposing fsx P3V1 (which I never installed) and similarly p3V2
  12. Guess the title says it all; The P3V3 installer dont show up in W52 Gohen 110 eventhough it is supposed to. Cheers;
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