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  1. This utility sounds like what I need for setting up various scenarios and then executing FSX ready to go. I admit I am apparently late to the dance as I happened across an old thread that referred to the program, however it no longer seems to be available. Was it dropped or does Orbx have a replacement?
  2. Thank you Nick. I have always had mine set up this way but someone seemed to think they knew better. I just wanted to be certain.
  3. What is the correct way to install Addon Scenery when using FTX Global Base Pack, Open LC NA and FTX Global Vector. Currently I have all Addon Scenery above Orbx installations but have been advised that, in fact, all Addon scenery must be below all Orbx installs. Can you advise as to how it actually should be? Thanks
  4. Something I noticed with a scenery I just completed. I use SBuilderX to output the satellite ground textures and the seasonal changes. Apparently the ini file for SBuilderX is slightly different in how it sets the season. When I selected February for Hard Winter the airport showed snow cover but the surrounding Orbx scenery was still green. I went to January and the Orbx scenery is snow covered but the airport is not. Is there a listing somewhere of what months are set for each sesonal change in Orbx? That way I can change the ini file in SBX and output the ground textures so they match Orbx.
  5. Thanks Ed, That fixed it. On a side note, something I forgot to mention. . .when installing the various regions initially, after each one finished and the old version of FTX Central popped up I also got this message" "RenameUniqueFiles:Could not complete operation since a file already exists in this path 'E:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Scenery\World\scenery\ADE_FTX_FTXG_67L_elevation_adjustment.OFF". Is this significant or nothing to worry about?
  6. I just installed the 4 areas for the European LC. I have FTX Central Installed and active. After each region was installed rather than FTX Central 2 opening I got the old version as the pop up and nothing appeared to be installed. This went on through all 4 regions. When I finished I installed the latest library and opened FTX Central 2. The Eurpopean LC was not listed. I had it scan for installed products and it showed the European LC as "Unknown". FTX Central 2 sees it as "Not Installed" and refers me to the Flightsim Store for more info. Any suggestions?
  7. I just purchased the FTX_Global Base pack. I saw several updates dated 2013 at the bottom of the FTX_Global page. . .are those incorporated into the purchase I just made or do I still need those updates as well?
  8. That link no longer works, is there a current listing of the freeware FTX Global airports?
  9. I was told by our SOH Admins that we should bring any grievances concerning Orbx and it's latest policies to the Orbx Forums, not the SOH Forums. I agree. So. . . . . . . . . Concerning the "pre-pay" discount being topped by the recent 33% off discount. . . .poor timing, poor business practice, just my opinion. Concerning any new/revised Forum rules. . . .don't care as I don't use the Orbx Forums even though I was an Orbx customer. Concerning the sarcastic remark about customer relationships. . . . . . . . . . . . I don't know what prompted that and I don't really care. . . .if it was a
  10. Finally, someone who knows what I mean when I ask what the "MP" Server is. It's not always the same as the TS Server, as a matter of fact, it seldom is, so Teecee, it's not that I can't read, but you weren't answering the question I was asking. Thanks for the info Ron.
  11. There is no mention in this open invitation to join, what server you use. Can you post that information please and then also look at my previous post and see if you know the answer to that as well, thanks!
  12. The only ones I've found that have docks and boats are ones that had that in FSX anyway. I have traveled around the waterways to a lot of the water landing areas for just that reason. . . .to see the enhancements done by Orbx, that have nothing at all.
  13. I've only recently started using TS3 for flights on the SOH Server and so I'm more used to the previous versions of TS. One thing I noticed with this latest version is that I don't see anyway to "add" additional connections like I could before. I had a list of different servers I used for MP flights and could just select the one I wanted and connect to it. With this latest version I don't see any way to do that. When I click "connect" I get the SOH server info and it appears I have to wipe all that out and enter the current info for your server. Is there no way with the new version to save
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