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  1. Few around CZST.

    Emersom nice Ones!
  2. Germany South Bamberg.

    Exceptional! Thanks for the superb efforts! Tried to buy it and couldn't ! (LOL) Cause for great anticipation! Thanks for sharing those Shots!
  3. Project A

    Beam me up Scotty!
  4. Howdy! The Salivation continues! Thanks a lot ! That's all I needed a little more excitement in my Sim! Cheers ya'll! Phenomenally Bitchen! Brimming over with anticipation! Nice Nice very Nice Pics!
  5. KSAN Newies from me.

    Wow ! Nice Nice very Nice! Living in San Diego directly under REEBO I see lotsa traffic! Guess I am still going to wait! My Vote is bring it out at a discounted Price! LOL Still a must have for me! Been waiting for this since the very 1st install of Orbx! Ya'll Rock! Cheers!
  6. Awesome! A definite Must have! Thank You! With so many Screen Shots one hardly needs to buy it! Lol! Great previews! Another welcome addition! Looking forward to it!