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  1. A few more from the "V" key -- Connie at sunset

    Holey Moley.Incredible shots.Those skies are amazing. Stunning. Anthin.
  2. Austrian Goes Kangaroo (Orbx FTX AU)

    Wow.Lovely shots.Looking down on Sydney is Brilliant. Regards. Anthin.
  3. Happy birthday Jarrad!

    Have a great day Jarrad. Best wishes. Anthin.
  4. Don't even ask

    Adam.I will not ask. But. Are you losing your marbles ? I have heard of short runways but that is insane. Great shot. Anthin.
  5. Great shot indeed.Very atmospheric. Wood,Paper,Canvas and Glue.Ya"ll forgot the String. Keep them up Renault. Anthin.
  6. just a few

    Beautiful shots Stewart.That water looks amazing. Well done. Anthin.
  7. One for Jack ..... Just Yellow

    Oh boy. That is one great shot. I really like it. Anthin.
  8. Time for migrant birds to head south...

    Lovely shots Gerold. Especially 1 and 2. Anthin.
  9. Ketchikan & Alaskan Fjords in Rtmmland

    Wow. Wonderful shots Magnum. That cockpit shot is great. Regards Anthin.
  10. Ship Hunting

    Really great set of shots Paul. Really like them all. Anthin.
  11. 195 in NZ

    Love those shots.Beautiful. Well done Paul. Anthin.
  12. Iran, Ceylon & India

    Great shots Fulvio.Great colours. Anthin.
  13. A380 out of KPSP ("I'm Marge, fly me!")

    Wonderful shots of the scenery and the Scarebus. I wonder what Bart was getting up to on board. Well done Andy. Anthin.
  14. Narvik Beech

    Those shots Paul are great.Makes me want to buy Narvik now. Regards. Anthin.
  15. Texan fly's from Kern Valley

    Way to go Sniper.You pulled of some really great shots there. I really like them all. And with a Texan / Harvard, you can't lose. Anthin.