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  1. You did it Nick! I know it sounded unlikely, but I had applied the FSX Nvidia settings to the global profile. I changed the settings, re-booted and Central 4.1.23 sprang into life. I just want to say thanks so much to you Nick and all the other guys who put forward suggestions towards solving this problem. Nick, you came up trumps earlier in the year with a fix for the problem I was having with Orbx EGML Damyns Hall which was displaying incorrectly. You offered a different objectflow.dll which solved the problem Many thanks once again from a lad from Wakefield who can
  2. Hi Nick, That sounds like a good shout and many thanks for your time; I’m a bit far down a glass of wine on UK time to start trying now, but I’ll give it a go in the cold light of dawn tomorrow. Once again, many thanks for your time, Cheers
  3. Hi Ade, sounds like you might be having the same problem l have; I have had a dark grey screen, but currently mine is white! Maybe some of the suggestions offered to me might help you out; all the best.
  4. Hi Josh, Here are two screenshots, first one is the initial startup screen, second one is the main program screen. Just a thought; is this maybe account related? Over the years I have amassed 3 Orbx accounts, but I have only ever used one of them to logon with Central. Cheers
  5. Hi all I'm in the process of trying to sort a Central problem and have been asked for screenshots. However, when I try to upload them, I get an Error 200 msg. Googling it seems to suggest the problem is server side. Just wondered if anyone else had stumbled over this problem. Cheers
  6. Hi Josh, at the moment I can't upload images; I get a server error 200 whatever that is; I have managed to upload the Central log which ran for about 30 minutes' I'll see if I can sort the server error. Cheers central.log
  7. Hi all, I've gone back to trying to install the latest version of Central as trying to run 4.1.14 hit a wall. Trying to run the latest version throws a blank white startup screen, followed by a dark grey program screen. Central shows minimised in the system tray offering 'Show Central/Reset/Quit'. Task Manager shows Central using around 40Mb of memory. Many thanks to all the Orbx experts who have chipped in thus far, but I'm no further down the line to a resolution of the problem. Is this Java related? But then I'm not getting any errors; there's nothing in the Event Vi
  8. I have run sfc /scannow and looked at the cbs log; a few files were replaced, but nothing of great consequence. Tried re-booting, in-installing Central and re-installing and re-booting, but to no effect. Cheers
  9. Hi Josh, unfortunately the only thing left in the updater folder is the package.7z archive downloaded in the install process. Cheers
  10. Just wondered if it was a Windows installer issue, but I opened a cmd prompt, typed MSIexec and the installer window came up with no errors; showing version 5 is installed. Cheers
  11. Hi Josh, Many thanks for your help. I emptied the contents of AppData\Local\Temp, uninstalled Central, put my saved copy of the json file back in place and downloaded Central 4.1.14 again. As soon as the download starts, the system.dll (12Kb) appears in a folder within the Local\Temp folder. This file then disappears when the Central installation starts, leaving nsProcess.dll. Attached images show the system file and the Central folder post install. Also for the record, Central log after today's attempt. After attempting to install, the Loading\Initialising message appe
  12. Hi Josh, Many thanks for your reply. When Central launches, I briefly see 'Loading and Initialising', but nothing else. No mention of updating. I copied the central json file to the desktop, and double checked that the required line was set to false. I uninstalled Central and looked at the updater folder. In the pending folder I noticed there was a copy of a later version of Centrasl than 4.1.14. I deleted the entire updater folder. I replaced the json file in the central folder. I downloaded and installed Central from your link, but still no joy. The initial screen was as describ
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