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  1. No no no no no. Windows 10 and XBox are to different platforms. People stop freaking out about XBox. XBox is for gaming on Windows 10, previously it was called Games for Windows, but they gathered everything under XBox branding. And yes, flight simmers are gamers and player as well, stop pretending you are more than that. Seriously it’s getting old.
  2. What does the future hold for P3D? It seems its on the backburner and focus is on X-Plane now..
  3. The human eye does not see in 4K, but image is still 4K. While it’s a good video, it drops the ball on what the whole 4K is about.  It’s about all about fidelity and the little details. While we do not see in 4K, rendering an image in native 4K brings out the detail lost in lower resolutions, we do not see in 480p either. While the “4K” phenomenon is used at a marketing tool, the 4K is more just a resolution (not referring to the image from a game). 4K not only offers more data in a single image, but larger bandwidth in it’s improved codecs which offers a huge technic
  4. Decided to reinstall P3D as everything else failed. Working now.
  5. Tried it, unfortunately the problem persists.
  6. Did all that and its still the same...
  7. I recently decided to get back into flight simming and was greeted by this broken landclass. Screenshots for Pacific Fjords and Central Rocky's. How do I fix this?
  8. Great shot, where were you flying?
  9. Thanks for posting the screenshots, it looks great!
  10. How does OpenLC EU enhance Denmark? I have searched for screenshots, but I can not find more than a couple.
  11. I am with you, I would like get the rest I am missing, but will have to probably settle for two because of payday is the final day of the month.
  12. I an with you, I would like get the rest I am missing, but will have to probably settle for two because of payday is the final day of the month.
  13. A bit disappointed there has not been an official Orbx member regarding this issue since Alex last Friday...
  14. Okay fresh screenshots. One of the airport problem, FTXC insertion points, P3D library and P3D library where FTXC again places the airports below the regions... And for the record, I am not new to Flight Simulator, I know how the library works.
  15. elmucki I have done all that. Changing the priority in FTXC does nothing, since regardsless of what I do, FTXC places the FTX airports below the FTX region in alphabetical order. As I said earlier this issue is only tied to FTX airport snot the 3rd party airports.
  16. Yes I really hope the developers looks into it.
  17. Yes I will, but FTXC3 is still broken on my end regardsless, so there might be something for the devs to look at.
  18. I am using the latest version of FTXC3. If I recall correctly I did not have this issue before updating to the latest version.
  19. Yes, but that is the thing. I do not have any issues with Aerosoft, FSDT etc. I only have problems with FTX airports (PAHO, KORS, KJAC, KSTS etc.). I have put the FTX insertion point below the very first 3rd party addon, but it still does not fix the problem I have with FTX airports.
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