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  1. Hi Ben Just looking at the navdata on the pc and web version and I do have a navigraph subscription but I'm still only seeing the 1908 cycle not the current, is that feature active as mentioned in the precursor description or is it something yet to come.. Truly great tool love what it brings together
  2. Sorry Nick just about to edit that location is Philippines RPVM, Mactan International
  3. Ok People here we go, having a problem with Vector in P3D v5, in particular default airports and yes this has been discussed but have not seen this issues either discussed or addressed. What follows in the first pic is all vector setting turned on in scenery library and the second is just with the vector_exx deselected, question is why. thanks for any advice and information Location is Philippines RPVM, Mactan International
  4. Hi Holger, Thanks for having a look see, no mesh other than as standard, yes tried sliders in default settings and back to my own which are moderate. The tile join line as in your screen shot would be fine if that's all it was, so will try a repair on p3d v4.5, then reinstall Aus v2 Cheers Rick
  5. Thanks for the feed back, both of you. I did draw the same conclusion, so i'll do the same but it was the immersion distraction that i was trying to remedy. Cheers Rick
  6. Hi All Been having an issue with Western Australia from YBRM to YPPH with a huge dark texture line that seem to be about 150 klm in length, I've done the usual things verify files, uninstall reinstall, insertion and sync, this seems to extend slightly east of Newman VOR and runs north south. It does change with focus length, but is always there day or night. Does any body else experience this? Would love to resolve this issue, regards Rick
  7. Thanks, petfy was hoping it would also display the same in P3D as FSX, oh well.
  8. Hi All Having a little problem with the terranora bridge not rendering properly, on the approach into 32 cooly only shows a partially constructed bridge, I've searched and browsed the forums and have drawn a blank. If I have missed something that is so obvious that it should slap me in the face sorry for that but I have looked, have checked and verified files and latest libraries, ftx central fastlane, p3d v4.3, win 10 up to date 1803 17134.19, only orbx scenery installed, have isolated it to just this scenery GC, have turned on control button for GC and YBCG and also vector a
  9. YSPT is there just not a selection start point , if you fly to the sea way and turn left 90 deg follow Brisbane rd till you fly over Harbour Town Shopping Centre its just to the nw of it,https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-27.926168,153.3816245,4138m/data=!3m1!1e3
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