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  1. Merry Christmas Iain and to all ORBX staff and members here too, have a good one and great New Year.
  2. And Lo and Behold, Nvidia are bringing out an RTX Titan and its expected to retail for $2400. Worst release year ever from Nvidia IMHO. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/281573-nvidia-announces-its-upcoming-rtx-titan
  3. Hi, did not want to alarm current owners of the new Nvidia RTX series cards ... if you have got this far on a day 1 2080Ti, chances are you will be fine ... for some reason the failure rate seems higher on the Ti's than the regular 2080's or even the 2070's ... furthermore .... it looks like (but not proven yet) early failure cards were with Micron memory, newer issues from Nvidia have Samsung memory ... you can check this in freeware GPUz software, please dont all go rushing to see if your card has Micron or Samsung memory, my slightly lower tech card of last gen Titan X (Pascal) 12 GB has Micron memory, but that's a different kettle of fish altogether. What I will say is, the 20xx RTX series are an end of line node for Nvidia, they are switching to next gen smaller die for next year (21xx) these will be much cooler, more efficient and may or may not have RTX too ... RTX IMHO is a complete gimmick and will never take off, but that's just my opinion We certainly do not need RTX for any flight sims now or in the foreseeable future ... I highly doubt RTX is going to take off with anything .... but again, thats just my opinion. The other thing that irks me as a PC performance hardware enthusiast is the stupidly insane prices of these RTX cards is just nutz, £1200 for a basic 2080Ti is crazy ... and more for an exotic one! Nvidia price gouging at its best! when the mining fad happened Nvidia could not sell enough cards at silly way over the top prices ... now that the mining fad has stopped or slowed down, Nvidia still dont want to lower their profit margins ... big surprise there (NOT) There is no way I am buying into this late Nvidia gen node for a tiny performance gain over my current last gen Titan X (Pascal) if you absolutly must upgrade ... say from a much older graphic card tech, then maybe ... but for sure I'm not buying a 2080Ti or even the inevitable RTX Titan they will milk us with - version and I've bought last 2 years gen Titans .... am sitting it out for next year now Graphic card wise.
  4. Potential serious memory problems regarding Nvidia's new RTX 20xx cards is brewing up, had considered posting this here, but did not want to alarm current owners that have bought one or seem jealous or something silly because I had already written that my Titan X Pascal is so close to a 2080 Ti's performance it would have been pure madness for me to even contemplate this upgrade this time ... and I'm a serious PC upgrader. Perhaps its fortuitous for many of us who were on the fence and were considering buying one of these that these cards that are still in limited supply, before long we will know if this is a bad memory batch problem affecting only a few cards or something more serious, but reading between the lines and as a hardware enthusiast, it sure looks like a storm is brewing and its definitely related to the cards memory. I'd advise anyone considering buying to do some serious research on current RTX owners, not initial reviews on these cards, pretty sure most will be fine, but reading between the lines ... something is up and it needs to be addressed by Nvidia and honestly, they have cheated before with facts and figures, GTX 970 memory problem anyone? and the compensation they had to pay out by misleading owners. This is where I first heard of the problem yesterday and its blown up very fast, these guys are insane graphic card enthusiasts, please don't dismiss them out of hand. I'm not an alarmist or sensationalist, but if there is something brewing and you were thinking of buying into the new RTX series it would be a good idea to do some deep research in the next week or so perhaps. I sincerely hope this is all a storm in a teacup, but I honestly dont think so, something is up, lets just hope its not as widespread as some say it is and clarification comes soon, even if Nvidia have to recall some cards. https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/2080ti-cards-failing.18835576/
  5. Stunning cockpit build mate, you are living your dream, very few get to do that, thanks for sharing this here.
  6. I had considered posting about this in a more appropriate part of these forums, does look like a potentially serious issue brewing up, we'll see, to early to say for sure, but I read some serious hardware forums and if true this is down to some batches of these new cards memory that is causing the problems ... but dont want to rain down on this guys fantastic cockpit build.
  7. Colin M

    ORBX Flash Sale?

    Nice quick sale, picked up Monument Valley for XP11 and Cityscape Barcelona for FSX/P3D
  8. Yup, back up on three drives on three different computers here, if you want to do it properly one should really have a back up away from home for the hopefully unlikely loss due to a fire or other catastrophe.
  9. Its not so much the backing up of software I've bought online (I do that almost religiously) but its that FS store was the only outlet for some software vendors and that was the only way to get updates on their software, very few vendors admittedly, but oh well, pretty much all I use is updated away from there, perhaps Steves DX10 fixer wasn't? but not sure what the latest version is? it used to get updated fairly regularly, the version I have for occasional FSX usage seems to work as well as it can and with with my diminished FSX usage am not over fussed. But yeah, looks like ORBX got out at the right time. Bought a lot from there in the past inc ORBX but that's all migrated away from there now.
  10. That used to be true, very true, tried it myself with an old tech 32" LCD TV that was considered modern for its time ... and not so long ago Was on my old 24" LCD monitor of time and oh boy that was a revelation of its time too, but modern TV's are a complete different story and tech never stands still, it does not! These days you can buy ... if you do your research and buy carefully a TV ... whatever you want to call it that is every bit as good as a high end Large screen Monitor and much cheaper too and will last you years and with a bit of ingenuity be a nice TV as well should you decide. Tom from FSXTimes uses a large 50" TV Screen now I think for P3D and XP11 ... I went for the Phillips 43" Monitor that is 4K last year but I have a 4K Blue ray plugged into it too now for some hi res Movies times ... my main room is still Old school large screen 60" Plasma 3D TV that tops out at 1920 x 1080P stuff. My next FS Screen I wont hesitate to buy a modern TV and not pay the usual monitor surcharge. What I'm saying is, for Flight Sim and Gaming, even as a general large screen Windows OS screen, it does not have to be called a monitor to work well anymore, the word Monitor is just a way to command more money ... its time to think outside of the box, not just in VR but in traditional screens too.
  11. Not quite Caleb. Yes your maximum TV or monitor resolution is all you can get or hope to get but your PC spec and especially the graphic card determines the performance that will happen at higher resolutions ... for example you might hypothetically buy a modern F-35 Jet, yet choose to power it with an old WW2 Rolls Royce Merlin engine, it will barely move fwd, modern PC hardware is the same, you choose suitable components for the job to achieve. In short and in your scenario for exceeding 1920x1080 you will need a Monitor that not only can do up to 4K or whatever resolution you choose, but also the PC grunt to power it too, especially in demanding flight simulation software. So as you scale everything up, yes you will need to upgrade your PC's parts too. If you give a rig run down spec and what sims ETC you want to use, then further advice will follow, am sure
  12. Good question. I very recently went down the route of choosing a new TV or dedicated 4K primary monitor and I do some VR too when mood suits me. I decided on a popular of time Phillips 43" 4K monitor for my primary display, but wish now I had waited a little bit and bought a 50" (or even larger) or so suitable TV display. Thing to remember is, for the larger screens sizes your resolution is going to need to be higher too to stay sharp and the more pixels needs higher GPU power too. But, assuming all is good, please do some research away from site to more dedicated forums ... its not hard to find them, type in "suitable large screen TV for PC" into google, not knocking anyone's advice here you might get, but there is a wealth of of knowledge out there on bang up to date large screen TV's and their suitability for gaming or flight sim ... its a very dynamic place and price bargains happening all the time. Buy yep. choose wisely and no probs using a modern large screen TV as your primary display.
  13. Colin M

    They shall not grow old

    Mostly surprised its the younger generation I know that is grasping this, the older gents seem less interested ... this is really something special, its not a general movie release, will make its way to BBC or suchlike eventually though.
  14. Colin M

    They shall not grow old

    As Peter Jackson explains, its a work of passion, he is a good guy.