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  1. Well we do have USDT Devils Tower for ORBX and its freeware, so if you are looking for UFO's this would be the place to start It's the first day of school, fellas. Take everything from the lady. Follow her pattern note for note.
  2. Leave it in, its a nice Easter egg, make it optional if some do feel it ruins their experience and immersion
  3. Thanks for that Capt, did many a track day at Knockhill racing circuit in Fife in my mad youth on a GSXR750 and more :) Nagged the Scotflight Guys (back in the day) to get that track into FSX/P3D and they did, recently asked them if they would consider a Scotflight for XP11, sadly the answer is no and we have to respect that decision, bought ORBX Sumburgh today though and looking fwd to exploring it from an XP11 perspective. BTW Capt, was down in your neck of the woods, 2016 to see the return of Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow at Birmingham Genting Arena show, me and a couple of mates drove down, bad timing from NE Scotland, arrived far to early ... but I'd spotted a good Motorcycle museum sign on the motorway turn off ... and wow what a find it was, hours before our hotel would take us in and so we had to find something to do ... it turns out it was not just an ordinary Motorcycle museum, but the UK National British (All British Bikes ) Motorcycle Museum, 5 or more halls of British Bikes, old and new, thousands of amazing bikes .. so glad we found that place before our hotel was ready to take us in and then for the Ritchie Blackmore show later on too ... magic weekend :) http://www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.co.uk/ Heading down south again in June for the Manchester Metallica show in June 18th, road trip again, its gonna be fun :)
  4. Nice one Capt and thanks for some reminders of where to explore in this great new scenery whilst discovering XP11 too. Have visited Donnington many times for race meets and open air rock concerts too in real life Did you buy XP11 from Steam or Direct? I don't think it makes a difference in the product, apart from it was slightly cheaper for me to buy direct from LR. Was not sure at first about the whole adventure, had bought XP10 when it came out on Steam ... and nothing to do with Steam, could not get into the sim after the friendly UI of FSX and P3D, that's all changed with XP11 though, its not perfect, but its about a 100 times better and much more accessible now for a home simulator. Have all three UK ORBX TE vols installed now, and as I live in NE Scotland had to go exploring the moment it was downloaded and ready to use ... I live very close to RAF Lossiemouth. My town has a big 24/7 Tesco store ... in the sim an appropriate looking building is in the right place and has a Tesco sign on roof that looks like our store ... I thought oh wow right there, flew over to next nearest town who have a Tesco store too, and yup ... same thing, not checked yet to see if Asda ... my preferred store have their grocery sign illuminated in my town, but I'd not be surprised if it was ... flew further west towards Inverness Airport and all looks pretty good ... were some slight scenery errors and seemingly unfinished road jump ramp bridges going nowhere ... but its an early release and hopefully will be patched with service packs as we go on, mesh needs improved I think too ... but I'm not beating down this product, absolutely love it. Oh ... and look out for a certain Scottish shy creature of legend that lives in water but rarely makes an appearance.
  5. Just to clarify my way of doing things Capt ... and after reading the thread again. I do have ORBX TE Netherlands for P3D, but from now on in I will only buy TE for Xplane 11 and keep P3D and indeed FSX for traditional ORBX scenery, I still keep FSX because I still like that for a few things ... like the available missions that P3D lacks, FSX has its own 1TB SSD too Never mentioned, but I have my OS on a Samsung EVO M2 drive ... more of a chip really, LOL its a 250GB one and its just for the OS ... probably not necessary, but its how I like to do things., you will be fine running the OS and sim on the one drive. PS: I run Aerofly 2 and its a fun VR sim especially, but does not seem to be taking off the way I had hoped it might ... Its FSX/P3D/Xplane11 for civilian flight simulation for me now.
  6. Hi Capt, what it was ... I had Xplane11 and P3Dv4 installed on their own smaller SSD but with the arrival of ORBX TE was starting to struggle for space so thought the time was right to give Xplane 11 its own large 2TB SSD, my plan is to buy all ORBX do TE for Xplane so figured 2 TB should do ... I hope it does SSD's start to get quite expensive above 1TB. Load times are good, no problems there, very smooth in flight, really enjoying Xplane 11 after a bumpy start with previous versions, XP10 ETC. I pointed FSX Central towards my new 2TB SSD for the temp download location as this drive currently has most free space, the temp folder clears once a FTX download is finished .. I like that. I'm currently running 32GB DDR3600, originally it was 16GB, the extra 16GB is not essential 99% of the time, but on occasions DCS and some missions do burst the 16GB bubble and as ram was creeping down in price ... thought why not, a wee bit of future proofing too, could not get 2 x 16GB modules of the speed I wanted for my overclock so called OcUK where I buy my parts from and they suggested filling all 4 memory slots would be fine, so its 4 x 8GB modules of the same speed and flavour and its working fine, was worried filling the 4 slots might put a strain on the memory controller (have heard this can happen) but its been fine and my overclock is still solid and reliable.
  7. Colin M

    Throttle Control recommendations please

    Nice one Aussie Flyer once you feel comfortable with the TM Warthog throttle, there are few mods you can do if you feel you need them. I did the throttle detent mod, don't have the info to hand, but it is out there, have a google ... this a free mod and just needs opening up the unit. Recently I did the popular for military sims slew sensor and click mod and this is easily 1000 times better than how it works on the stock TM Warthog throttle ... not to expensive, bit of a waiting list, but worth the wait and so much better Enjoy.
  8. Colin M

    Throttle Control recommendations please

    Have a look on Ebay or Amazon for a TM Warthog only dual throttle, Don its stand a alone but will last you a lifetime, this unit really is the biz, military grade switches n suchlike, please dont write off TM over one breakdown ... I know very well they have bad and good gear ... the TM Warthog throttle is a solid investment, its stand alone and not slaved to a stick the way a Cougar throttle was or indeed some Saitek throttles were. The new VPS Virpil dual throttle looks good, but believe me, the software Virpil provide is not user friendly ... the TM Warthog however is ... just plug it in and it works in all sims and uses standard Windows calibration ... it just works Still trying to get my head around the Virpil T-50 Mongoose stick software ... and its the same software for their throttle. Not cheap, but neither is a Virpil throttle ... the TM Warthog dual throttle is what I recommend you buy, given what you have used before, also it might spur you on to better controllers ... its a good solid unit and has some nice cheap mods if you want to go down that route ... and really, no software to install if you dont want to ... it just works.
  9. Definitely up for XP 11 Sumburgh
  10. I'm a bit of a flight sim controller freak ... I freely admit that One thing that has struck me over the years is how products like ORBX attract new users in with the fantastic eye candy, and then when new users come in they begin to realise how deep and complex supported sim's like, FSX, P3D, XP11 and Aerofly FS 2 can be ... this is a good thing IMHO and a great way to keep the hobby alive, more users = more purchases = more research = more products and more community = more company's like ORBX delivering the goods ... and so on and so forth It can be a bit of a steep learning curve to those new to basic flying principles though ... and I like to think we are all here to help on this upgrade journey, for hardware and flying tips too. Often I see new users questions on controllers and what to buy and I would agree it is best to start with budget controllers than jump in the deep end ... but once you start to realise that no proper rudder or a twist grip rudder compromise is grown out of ... then its time to think of dedicated Rudder pedals. Rudder axis is very important in flight and you just cant beat incremental left and right toe brakes for the full take of and landing and park or terminal experience My advise is, if you can make the leap from no rudder (please switch off auto rudder) to a twist grip rudder to a set of dedicated rudder pedals, then please do so at earliest opportunity ... old habits are hard to unlearn ... trust me ... I'll be 60 this year and still trying to unlearn old habits. Have owned lots of different PC flight sim rudder pedals over the years, modded the Saitek ones ... but currently own both the cam center MFG Crosswinds V2 and the new Thrustmaster TPR pendulum pedals ... two different styles ... am currently composing a review of sorts between them, happy to share here too if interested. Basically what I am saying is, if you are new to flight sim, new to flight sim controllers, the sooner you try dedicated rudder pedals for yaw the better. Yaw is every bit as important as Roll and Pitch.
  11. Hi Capt Did something similar recently ... in that I bought a new Samsung 2 TB 860 EVO just for X-Plane 11 and projected ORBX True Earth scenery, did have XP 11 installed with first two TE volumes installed on my P3D XP11 shared SSD, but chose to un-install completely and install XP11 afresh on my new 2 TB SSD. I personally do not intend to go forth with True Earth on P3D anymore but will keep that Holland/Netherlands install going and use only ORBX TE scenery for XP 11 from here on in and buy everything ORBX throws at it
  12. Colin M

    Throttle Control recommendations please

    Was it the Thrustmaster Warthog pair you owned Don? The Warthog throttle is quite robust and is sold separately on places like Amazon ... assuming you are out of warranty? But if it was a firmware update or other problem, then it is probably repairable .. PM me and I can send you links ... perhaps it was a Cougar HOTAS? or the others one TM do? If its a dedicated military dual throttle you need and do not want TM again ... Virpil have a nice unit out now, have bought their T-50 Mongoose grip, extensions and base a while back ... seriously good gear, still using my TM Warthog dual throttle with a slew mod, but I might try one of these soon. Check it out. If its a civilian aircraft throttle controller you seek, then Saiteks stuff are still available but have very poor pots, depending on luck and usage ... CH I cant comment on ... Honycombs upcoming Yoke and separately bought Throttle console with trim wheel ETC will be out before Summer and I'll probably try these.
  13. Keeping my ear to the ground for this, doubt it will outperform an RTX Nvidia 2080 Ti, but I would not buy one of those either Still currently using a Titan X Pascal here 12 GB, about same performance as a GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB card, give or take. I hope its a good performing card, my only other thoughts are, all my tweaks for FSX/P3D and more are through NV Inspector and suchlike, its been a long times since I have used a high performing AMD card ... happy to see how it plays out though.
  14. Yes, just noticed this and had posted elsewhere on the forum regarding buying a dedicated XP11 and TE SSD ... I'm not sure if I'll go for P3D TE scenery? What we have there already and with compatible third party is fine for me. Happy to have the ORBX TE scenery's on XP11 only for foreseeable future. Large capacity SSD's are expensive though and I know about initial load times are quicker and there after no difference when sim is running, but find it hard not to use SSD's for my FS rig that is performance orientated. Would be nice to know rough SSD/HD size expectations for TE in projected years for products planned please? Just a rough idea would be fine, especially so for those investing in new PC builds in our hobby. I know, how long is a piece of string etc, but a rough idea perhaps ... borderline buying a Samsung 2TB SSD just for Xplane 11 here and ORBX TE scenery's, just wondering if that will be enough for Xplane 11?
  15. Merry Christmas Iain and to all ORBX staff and members here too, have a good one and great New Year.