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  1. Hi Doug, your recommendations were spot on. South America now loads perfectly and is a beautiful scenery add-on to my sim. Thanks much, happy flying! Larry
  2. Hi, I have just successfully installed Open LC South America. I already have Global Base Pack and Open LC Mesh South America installed. I fly the P3D_v4 simulator. My problem is that the simulator will now not load when I insert a South American ICAO as my starting airport. Just to be sure the simulator has not been compromised, I loaded a couple of U.S. airports and the sim opens without issue. The attached screenshot is as far as I get with a South American designated airport, 17%, at which time the simulator just shuts down. I will appreciate your assistance to work through this. Thanks! Larry Dunson
  3. Hi, I fly on the P3D_v4 sim, after several years on FS-Steam. I transferred an application.."Ground Environment World Edition"..to the P3D sim and am unimpressed with its authenticity and lack of layered, crisp scenery. I believe it's time to purchase/install ORBX (FTX Global Base Pack), but I'd like to know if I should delete the "Ground Environment" application from my sim. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Thanks, Larry
  4. Good luck! There are dozens of us out here hoping that someone within the ORBX group can bring a solution to this very issue. I'm in to my 4th week now!
  5. Thanks Nick. I must be missing the point somewhere, because I don't find any reference to "not installed" on those 3 files. Can you be a bit more specific as to exactly where I will find that reference? As stated earlier, I have successfully (manually) downloaded the files, and they are now in my download folder as "zip" files. That's as far as I've attempted to go with installation. I'm terribly in the dark as to how to proceed. I appreciate your assistance!
  6. I use AVG for virus protection, but it's never interfered with simulator-related downloads, such as FTX Global Base Pack, which downloaded and installed just fine, a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I was able to "manually" download/save the lights configurator, NA airport pack and the Global Vector pack. I know that the recommended path is to use FTX Central for these downloads, but since there is some sort of conflict, how do I now load/install these three downloads into Steam? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I posted on the general discussions page, but no response, so thought I'd try here. I just attempted to download the Global Vector package, but was met with the attached error message..repeatedly! Can someone please assist, as I paid for this and have nothing to show for it yet. Thanks!
  8. Hi, can someone assist me with this issue (attached)? The message states to post on the forum if the error continues on each try..and it did!
  9. Good day! I opened FSX Steam this morning and was met with this message. Can you tell me what it means, and if I need to make any adjustments to my FTX Global Base Pack download? Thanks!
  10. Thanks again Nick! I would like for you to look at the attached, which is my FSX Steam Scenery Library. Does this indicate to you that the FTX Global Base Pack is properly loaded in my simulator? I guess I was not really sure what the base pack would look like. Is there additional software, freeware, payware that will provide even greater and in-depth detail?
  11. Thanks for your feedback. I am still not convinced that the totality of the payware is properly loaded in my Steam simulator. Is there an absolute way to know this? Should I re-download the entire package? Please see attachment, which shows the main page of the FTX Global Base Pack. Note that the "configure this product" line item shows a tab labeled "control panel". This tab is greyed out, thus inactive. Is it supposed to be that way? I remain confused and frustrated, as I expected to be bedazzled with this payware!
  12. Nick, thank you for replying and for the assistance. I have attached a screenshot, with the following coordinate: N48degrees 31.70' W123degrees 4.97' 1876 altitude 230 heading I look forward to your response!
  13. Hi, I am new to the site. Recently downloaded and installed (or so I thought) the FTX Global Base Pack. I use the FSX Steam simulator. I have evidently erred during the install process, as the scenery in Steam looks the same as before I paid for and installed the Pack. I will appreciate some assistance with this. Maybe I need to download the payware again. Very frustrated right now. Thanks for any assistance you can provide! ID - 5818bbe017f12
  14. Hi, I have asked repeatedly for some assistance with the FTX Global Base Pack, which I downloaded earlier this week. I would like for someone to provide a step-by-step tutorial as to the complete download and install process. My platform is the FSX Steam simulator. Once I downloaded and installed (or so I thought) the base pack software, the scenery in FSX is the same as before the install. I have obviously erred somewhere in the process. I am frustrated because I paid a good chunk of U.S. dollars for this, and it does not work. The Orbx site states that no questions go unanswered. Well, I'm 0 for 4 so far, as I've sent that many messages over the past 3 days, with absoulutely no response. Hope someone out there will come to my aid. Thanks!
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