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  1. I have Global, openLC NA, S Alaska region, HD trees and Terraflora v2. There is definitely something amiss, but I don't know if this is a P3D or Orbx problem. Compared to P3Dv4, this looks absolutely horrid. Looks like the desert southwest and not Alaska. Also, autogen appears missing in the city of Anchorage. In other areas, off-shore oil wells are floating in the air. The area around Juneau also isn't right. It looks like low res textures under vegetation is showing or something. I've verified all scenery and synced everything, but the problem persists. Landclass with v4 was alwa
  2. I'm an old, native Rhode Island resident. I wish some attention would be given to the state and surrounding area. Even with Global, LC NA, and Vector, things are rather dismal. Some missing things: a) KPVD - 3.5m passengers 2016 b) A couple of ballparks in Newport would be nice (16 in Newport) d) Fort Adams - home of Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals e) Mount Hope Bridge f) US Navy Base - US Naval War College, Naval Undersea Weapons Center g) Schools (e.g. Rogers High School - Newport) h) Some hint of the many mansions (summer cottages) in Newport ... Example
  3. Well my vote is for someone, anyone, to do KPVD (Green State Airport) in Rhode Island (the "biggest little state" in the nation). This airport is often preferred by travelers wishing to avoid Boston, MA road traffic and KBOS in particular. I'd also like to see some attention spent on the landclass and autogen for the state. It's not even close to accurate (LC NA does not help). For example, there's a huge autogen shopping mall on the small island of Jamestown that doesn't exist. The Mt Hope suspension bridge is portrayed as a road. Where are the Newport mansions? Yada yada.
  4. You and me both. It's Aug 21 here - I thought that I had until the end of the day since every every post I came across said the sale ended Aug 22. I was going to drop some cash too. I guess we were on the wrong side of the 24 hour window. Oh well ......
  5. Well, I was just about to purchase a few items on sale. To my surprise, the sale has ended. It's Aug 21, 1:00PM here (USA EST). I thought I had until the end of the day since posts on the Intertubes said Aug 22 . I'm sad ...... Cry Me a River.
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