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    X-Plane 11 and Prepar 3D on new PC i7 8700k, 32 GB RAM, GTX1080TI with 11 GB RAM, 2xSSD 500GB system and 1TB for Prepar 3D. X-Plane 11 on classic HDD WD 3 TB.

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  1. Very nice shots, thank you. cheers Karoly
  2. Thank you Renault for beautiful shots. cheers Karoly
  3. Thank you for very nice shot Zinj. cheers Karoly
  4. Very nice shots Adam, thank you. cheers Karoly
  5. Very nice shots, thank you. cheers Karoly
  6. Thank you Iain for beautiful images. cheers Karoly
  7. Hi Jack, thank for very nice shots. cheers Karoly
  8. Very nice shots, thank you. cheers Karoly
  9. Very nice shot jjaycee1, thank you. cheers Karoly
  10. Very nice shot TTM, thank you. cheers Karoly
  11. Thank you Bernd for very nice shots with beautiful plane. cheers Karoly
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